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It's Been Three Weeks

It’s Monday morning and I’m sitting in the living room with Harley kneading biscuits into my legs before she settles down. I’m usually at my laptop when I write posts but I’ve been avoiding my laptop. So I’m on my tablet at the moment. 

I couldn’t bring myself to write anything the first week.  I was still a bit numb. Unbelieving. Angry.  

The second week I was still infuriated. It pained me to read the news. To watch a man that has no business being the leader of the United States of America grapple with enormity of what it means to be president of a nation and realize he really can’t have everything his way – that a nation is not the same as a business no matter the similarities we might see…. Has been rough to say the least.

By the time week three came round…time just seemed to slip away.

According to my stats it has been 21 days since my last post. 21 days for me to get to a place of…calm. Which should not be confused for acceptance. 

Just like those who dissented during the eight years that President Obama was in office, it is my right to voice my dissent regarding the 45th president.

To those that say “get over it.”

I will not. You didn’t and I did not hold that against you.

To those that don’t understand why I am dissenting.

It is okay if you don’t. We all walk a path that shapes us in different ways.

To those that say I’m not being patriotic.

The most patriotic thing a citizen of the United States of America can do is hold the government accountable. All of government. To question. 
I am part of the growing rebellion.

I am a conscientious dissenter.

I am part of the resistance.

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Thursday Thoughts


January 2017 week: 3

I came across a TedTalk yesterday. 

On Wednesday I had a check-in with my doctor regarding the meds I am taking and my overall well being. For a while now we’ve been working under the assumption that my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia some years ago is still valid. I’m on medication for depression (diagnosed in 2003 with chronic depression) and high cholesterol (because heredity is a thing).  Fatigue has always been an issue. until recently I was able to manage it. Several months ago I went in to talk to my doctor about it. Based on the Fibromyalgia diagnosis and the depression we decided to try adding a third medication.

Two weeks ago it stopped working. This week my doctor actually told me she didn’t know where to go or what to do. We are attempting an adjustment with the medication, but I’m not sure it will work.

Later in the day I saw this talk.


Just like a lot of others my idea of chronic fatigue syndrome barely scratched the surface of what the disease actually entails. The term chronic fatigue gets bandied about a lot.  Just as with many autoimmune diseases there is always more than you first realize.

So I looked up Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and read up on it. My primary source has been the MayoClinic website. What I read there made me pause. Of the symptoms listed, and I realize it’s not complete, I have quite a few. One particular symptom stands out. That of

  • Pain that moves from one joint to another without swelling or redness

From the very first time Fibromyalgia was even brought up I was very specific about why type of pain I had. It moved.  It wasn’t stationary like many others that I know who were diagnosed. According to the blood work that has been done over and over again there are signs of inflammation that is steadily rising but where is unknown.

What if I don’t have Fibromyalgia. What if it is actually ME. I’m not sure the diagnosis would make much of a difference. Both are autoimmune and essentially have very little research going on right now. I’m not about to self-diagnose so I’m going to make an appointment to talk with my doctor about the possibility.


I’m not sick! I had a cold all last week. It was not fun.

The January Designer Challenge that I set myself looks like it’s going to work. I’m really looking forward to sharing what it looks like.

My reading is  actually going quite well.  I’m halfway done with a book that is going to be discussed on Sunday at book club. And I’m on chapter 5 of Lean In.

Another random thing: I found a bar for my industrial piercing finally! It’s taken some time and I don’t think it will be the only one I have, but it’s perfect to start with. I’ll share a pic when it comes in.


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Ok, That's Enough

Hey #monday I've got my #warpaint Do you? #makeup #urbandecay #maccosmetics #katvond #lipstickismyvice #pearls

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Last week… the SECOND week of January I was struck low by a cold. Stupid cold dashed every single plan I made for the week. All of them. Not only my work calendar which had a lot of cool things going on but my social calendar as well. Given that I even have a social calendar the second week of January was pretty fabulous. Even if this  cold pulled the breaks on all of it.  Well, all but one. I was determined to go to a birthday shindig on Saturday to celebrate a friend turning 40. The group was small and we all wore pjs. I didn’t stay the entire night, but I was there.

Today is Monday. And I have my war paint on.  There’s the lingering chest cough and the stuffy nose that remain at the end of every cold, but dammit. I am ready to take on Monday. And I will do it with a smile. And some Girl Scout cookies. Wearing pearls and house shoes. (Clothes too.)

Keep an eye out on Loose Endings Instagram as there will be a visual update on the January Designer Challenge I gave myself.  Pointy needles are pointy, FYI.

Also, it’s MLK day. This year seems to be especially poignant given the political climate. As a nation we’ve come far, but the fight is far from over. I saw Hidden Figures yesterday. If you haven’t seen it yet, do so. It is well worth it.

And now I am off to play with yarn. What are you doing today?

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Thursday Thoughts



January 2017 week: 1

This week has been hard. Physically. The pain (mostly in my right hand) is not pleasant. It has caused me to slow down on projects that I planned on having done by now. Instead of apologizing for not getting the project done within the set time frame like I would normally, I thanked the client for being patient instead.

I found that turning the script around like this actually helped me cope with the fact that my hands were not cooperating.

I’ve set a designing challenge for myself for the month of January. Design something using only 100 yds of yarn. A while back I received two small sets of mini skeins from Phydeaux Designs. Each set totals 100 yds of yarn. I have an idea or two bouncing about the noggin, but nothing is truly set yet.

This week I started reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I’ve already highlighted quite a few lines  in the first chapter.  While the book does deal more with women in corporate culture, I think it will be interesting to see how I can translate it to building Loose Endings.

I gifted a Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop ballpoint pen to Viviane. She received it yesterday. Everyone deserves to have a PEN. It made me happy to know that she liked it.

My assistant Harley has begun demonstrating that my Harley collection in the office will soon need a new home. She has figured out how to gain access to the top of the bookshelf where the collection now resides. I can’t leave her unsupervised in the office at this point.


What have you been thinking or doing this week? Leave a comment. Let’s discuss!


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Getting Things Sorted

For the last few weeks I’ve been having regular conversations with Viviane Wolfe, who is a long time friend from ….well we’ve been friends for a really long time. Our conversations run the gamut of topics. Most of them however have been over how to achieve our goals. Viviane is determined to help people cultivate their inner Super Hero through Aerial Yoga. My goal is to publish more patterns and teach fibre arts.

Oddly we connected as “business besties” after she found the podcast Being Boss, which I’ve mentioned in previous posts. What is a business bestie? Well think of it as an accountability partner for small businesses. Someone you can talk to that will give you a different perspective or remind you that you are indeed doing what you want and that it is worth it. I know, it sounds a little woo-woo, but I can’t deny that entrepreneurs (especially of small businesses) benefit greatly from being able to connect with others like this. I see it every day in the Being Boss Facebook Group.

So we’ve been talking about how we want to shape 2017. There’s a lot of visualization during this process.  A lot of it seems esoteric, like choosing a word or song. Or even a theme. I chose a song for 2016 – Renegades by X Ambassadors  but I hadn’t really thought about choosing anything for 2017 until I had a conversation about colors with Viviane. She asked me what my word was for 2017 to help her make a decision on a color question I had asked. And even though I didn’t have one to help her answer, I did decide on a word later in the day. And it has significantly changed the way I am approaching certain goals.

The word? Dare. 

I will dare to do the things that scare me. I will dare myself to go that extra step. I will dare.

I will not put off the things I know I can do today to tomorrow just because it’s easier. I will face the hard truths of running a small business and embrace all the ups and downs. I will dare to be successful.

Now what was the color question I had asked? It was about the color of the pen I was going to use for the year from my fountain pen collection. Yes, the color of a pen. I had already held a vote on ink so all that was left was which pen. Making these seemingly inconsequential decisions serve as a way to focus down. To pin point what you really want to do. At least that is what I have found.

For 2017 I have :

A word: DARE

*A pen: Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop

*An ink: Diamine Ink in Syrah

I feel like this is a good start to get things sorted for 2017. What have you done to start the year?


*links are to the site I purchased from. Non affiliated.
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Reading All The Things

This year was more about not reading. I read a lot of political and science articles this year. The political articles more because of the election, the science articles because they were interesting.

I didn’t really do much reading outside of that. As a matter of fact I am still trying to finish the last book listed on my GoodReads. And it’s a good book. I just don’t seem to have the energy to devote to it right now. I have a good sized stack of comics and collected editions to catch up on as well.

It should be obvious that I missed my GoodReads goal by quite a bit. So for next year, even though I know I have the ability to read over 50 books within 12 months, I think I’m changing my approach. Instead of reading as much as I can I’m going to start with 2 books a month at least. If I read more that’s cool. But I certainly shouldn’t be reading less. A total of 24 books minimum. At least 3  should be non-fiction.  (Just because I know 3 titles that are non-fiction that I want to read.)

I’ve been pondering a habit that I have and am curious if others do the same thing. The current reading drought notwithstanding, I love to read. As a kid and teen I checked out every book I read from the library. That’s what you did. If I  really like book I ended up buying it.  But here’s the thing. I rarely re-read any of the books I purchase. Unlike Matt, who re-reads and has to purchase new copies every few years of a favorite series. Part of the reason I love reading on the kindle is that the books I do buy don’t take up any physical space. Over the last 10 years I’ve been slowly reducing my library of physical books and replacing certain ones with e-books. And I question why I do that, even though I know I might not go back and re-read it. Why get the book again?

I think that maybe I do that because something about the work reminds me of when I first read it, how I felt, what was going on in my life. Like touchstones to my past, they trigger memories. The number of times I’ve picked up a book and smiled or frowned because of something I remembered are numerous.

Do you have any habits regarding books that you wonder about?