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Books Books Books in Digital Form

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If you follow me on Facebook then you saw my comment about sorting through my books on my Kindle. I’ve owned a Kindle since 2011 and as my family (mum, sis, bil etc.) acquired their own Kindles or Fire tablets they’ve been added to my account so we can share books instead of purchasing multiple copies.  Our reading tastes crossover more often then not and sometimes we read things that we wouldn’t have thought to read as a result.

Every once in a while one of us will go on a spending spree and it makes me wish that kindle books weren’t one-click purchases and that we could add them to carts instead. (If that’s possible tell me! Because I haven’t been able to figure it out and changing one-click settings is a right pain to explain over different devices.)

All this is to say that when I decided to sort the books so that I could figure out what I have and haven’t read I was looking at 528 books.

My first thought when I saw that number was thank goodness they didn’t take up physical space because there would be no room to move.  Over the last five years I’ve been slowly culling my physical book collection. I love books. Honestly. I just don’t re-read that often.  And if I do re-read then there is something truly amazing that I connected to within the books that compels me to collect them. Of course there are exceptions…there are some books that I just feel like I have to own them in physical form but that’s not what this post is about…

So I was staring at the daunting task of sorting this library of books.  First I created two collections (because that’s the way the kindle works for some reason) : non- fiction and fiction. Then I decided to actually cull books from the list. There were a lot of freebie books that were added in the early years and I knew that they wouldn’t be missed if I removed them.  After clearing out freebies up to 2015 I stopped.  The most recent crop of freebies haven’t been read yet. Or at least, my sis couldn’t recall if she read them when I asked.

That brought the books down to 440. I then created collections for the individual series that I knew were being collected. It didn’t matter if the series was finished or not.  I wanted to make it easier for everyone to locate what they wanted to read.  Check the collection to see if you’ve caught up. Also it’s easier to see which books are missing. We’ve collected quite a few series that range a gamut of genres within fiction. It sort of surprised me. Once that was done I created two final collections that pertained to me personal. My read and to-read collections. I’m not always going to read what another family member purchases and I found that I stopped reading after a while because I didn’t want to wade through the sheer number of books just to find something I did want to read.

So I tossed all of the books I had read into a folder. GoodReads was a real help reminding me if I had read a book or not.  Of the 440 books in my digital library I have read 123 books. As of right now of those 440 books I am interested in reading 107 of them. (These numbers don’t count boxed sets as multiple books.)  I may change my mind when I get to one of them and decide that I really don’t want to read it. At least now I have a clear place to at least look.

Who knows? I might even manage to meet my GoodReads goal for this year now that I know what I haven’t read yet. I’m only two books behind schedule and I have the rest of the month! Speaking of GoodReads, I wiped out my to-read shelf there too. I’m going to start the new to-read list with books that I actual own.

Now that I have rambled along. What book are you reading? If you have a digital library how do you keep track of it? Any reading suggestions?


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Featured Art by Ellen

I try to surround myself with a variety of creative people. It makes life interesting. This gem was sketched at dinner one evening before attending a burlesque show celebrating all things Tim Burton.

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Days and Days

Some days I feel like I’m on top of the world.

Some days I don’t.

Some days I like what I see when I look in the mirror.

More often I don’t.

Some days I can do everything I set out to do.

Other days I don’t.

Some days I feel small and insignificant


Some days I don’t.


Some days I get angry at humanity.

…and wonder how we ever evolved to this state.

Some days I don’t think about it.

Some days I wonder what if I made a different choice.  Where would I be now?

Some days all I need are cuddles from my cat.

Some days all I need is to be heard.

To be acknowledged. To be seen.

Some days. Some days.

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Fiction Snippet – Dialogue Prompt 1

Here’s a little ditty inspired by the dialogue prompt generator on the same site I mentioned in my last fiction snippet.  Again backdated. I swear I’ll post something on the same day I write it eventually.


“Sweetheart, what did you bury in the garden?”


“What did you bury in the garden?” the question was repeated.

“Why on earth would you think I would bury something in the garden?”

“Lettie said she saw you in the garden earlier. As she put it you ‘looked pinched’. Whatever that means. She said you were following the Grounds Keeper.”

“Ah. I was sneaking a cigarette. After all, this is your Family home and I wouldn’t want to put anyone out by smoking inside the house. Gerome would know the best place to hide so I asked him.”

“You could have asked me.”

“Darling you were playing tennis with your friends. You know I don’t like tennis and you would have tried to convince me to play. No, it was easier to ask Gerome.”

“I see your point.”

“Do you, Love? How is it that you came to the conclusion that I must have buried something in the garden from something your sister said? Do you think so little of your Bride?”

“Absolutely not. Lettie’s imagination got away from her is all and she’s upset about Sir Reggie.”

“The poor dear. She’s been searching all day?”

“She just can’t fathom where Reggie would have run off to or why.”

“Really? I can think of a number of reasons.”

“Darling, please.”

“Oh all right. Now, if you would excuse me.”

“Where are you going?”

“To freshen up. It’s almost dinner. Wouldn’t want to show up to your mothers table with an unkempt appearance.”


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Holiday Anxiety

This post is backdated for the 5th of November. Same reasons as the day before.

With the end of Halloween we have entered the “Holiday Season”.  Actually it started just before Halloween, marketing forces love pushing things early.  It’s one of my least favorite things about the season. No sooner are the decorations for Halloween put away we are inundated with Christmas. Never you mind that there is Thanksgiving before hand – oh that’s just the “Black Friday” shopping day. (Except now it’s the ENTIRE month of November.)

I used to like the holidays. Before I became and “adult”. There are still some aspects I am still actually fond of.  Like decorating.

Something bubbles up during the holidays. It’s manic in a way. All of the sudden everything has to be perfect.  Everyone wants that Norman Rockwall Christmas ideal (even if they don’t know who Norman Rockwall is.) And if it’s not perfect you better hide because the fall out isn’t pretty. Fall out never is.

My family lives in a rough three hour radius from me but visits over this past year have been few and far between. Very far between. I FaceTime once a week at least with my mum. I haven’t really talked to my sister much during the past year for a variety of reasons. So technically, aside from a reduction of actual visits, it’s pretty normal for my family.

I suffer anxiety every time my husband asks me what we are planning on doing for the Holidays. I love my family. I don’t look forward to spending time with them during the holidays at all.  At least not currently. In point of fact, I’d rather not.  And all of the sudden I feel like the worst daughter/sister/aunt ever.  Because no matter how I might try to explain myself the only thing they hear is “I don’t love you.” Which is so not the case. But there will still be resentment and guilt laid at my feet for it. And I will feel guilty for it.

Maybe by next year I’ll figure out how to enjoy the holidays again…

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Fiction Snippet – First Line Prompt 1

This is back dated for the 4th of November because I was lazy about posting on Saturday. I found a “First Line Generator” for writing prompts and thought I would give it a try. If interested you can find it here: Random First Line Generator

The prompt that it gave me was the following: It started with a chance meeting on a film-set.

It started with a chance meeting on a film-set. Or so she had thought. Looking back, Landy wondered if she had seen Cam before that. Maybe at a coffee shop, the props department or a random street crossing. Surely it hadn’t started with a glance and sardonic smile across the set during filming. Things just didn’t happen to Landy like that. Relationships didn’t happen like that in real life. Did they? Having worked on film sets for a few years by then made Landy hyper aware of the illusion created by Hollywood and how things actually worked. No matter how hard she tried to think or look back, it all began on that day.

Neither Landy or Cam were actors, nor did they desire to be in front of the camera. They worked in separate departments. She worked with the costuming department and he worked with the props department. One could consider it odd that they hadn’t met before the film since the individual departments worked closely together especially given the length of time they each had worked there. But no. This was their first meeting. The first film.

No, she couldn’t remember the conversation that they had. She remembered Cam was funny. And that their paths crossed ever more frequently as filming progressed. She remembered the lunch breaks, the late nights, the early mornings. She remembered the feeling of time blurring as it often does when working on a film. They spent months working on the film. And then suddenly it was done. Their work was finished. They each moved on to other projects. Other films.

Years passed by.

Landy stood next to Cam. He smiled that smile she noticed so long ago at her. “Ready?” he asked.
She nodded reaching for his hand. “Ready.”


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Fiction Snippet – Grey Skies

A scene from a story I was working on with a friend. It’s really rough but I’m ok with that. This is part of an ongoing story so it may not make much sense out of context.
Nika Alexandra Benes
Current Location: Scarsdale
Time: 6:30 a.m.
Nika choked on a scream as she sat upright. Shreds of the nightmare clung to her vision before she remembered where she was. Florescent yellow-white light cut a swath in the darkened room as Nika fumbled with the lamp next to the bed. The light didn’t make her feel any better. Or safer. She read the pulsing digits on the alarm clock and realized she had managed to sleep for almost three hours. It felt like fifteen minutes.
Nika shivered as she slid off the bed. The bathroom light only highlighted the lack of real rest and simmering fear that reflected in the mirror as she turned the faucet on. Washing her face, Nika noted that the bruise under her eye was turning a florrid yellow-greenish color with just a hint of purple where the ring Emil wore had cut. There was no makeup in the gym bag she had so there was no way to cover the bruise. Nika stared at her reflection and felt a shiver race down her back. “Keep moving.” she said to the reflection. Her reflection nodded back. Taking a deep breath, Nika picked up the gym bag laying by the door. If she wasn’t going to get anymore sleep she would put more distance between her and New York.
The sun peeked through the low hanging clouds warming the sidewalk as Nika moved through the quiet still quiet streets of Scarsdale. She wouldn’t call it idyllic, but the early morning silence was a contrast to what one heard in New York City. Nika pushed her sunglasses up the bridge of her nose.  They barely hid the bruised eye but it was better than nothing. The train station was already bustling with early morning commuters.
“Can you tell me where the nearest Greyhound Station is?” Nika asked the woman behind the ticket counter.
“Mmmhm. White Plains.”
“A ticket to White Plains, Please.” Nika said.
The woman behind the counter typed at the keyboard, “Here you go, honey. It’ll be here in five minutes.” she said sliding the ticket across the counter. “No charge. I got it.” she added with a nod. Nika started to protest but the woman waved her off. “Stay safe.”