Dallas FanExpo 2017

Hello! As promised here’s my post about the 2017 Dallas FanExpo.

This year, just as I did the last two years, I stayed at the Omni Hotel to make attending easier. (Seriously, if you don’t live close by to the convention center spring for one of the hotels close by or ATTACHED to the convention center. Makes things like finding parking unnecessary and you don’t have to contend with traffic. Of course this only applies if you attend all three days.)

Earlier in the year when I learned that Mark Hamill was going to be a guest I mentioned it to my friend Viviane who lives in New Orleans and is doing amazing things. It only took about a week to convince her to come for a visit and go to the FanExpo with me.

With some coordinating we each planned two cosplays to wear. This year I did a punky Harley Quinn and the Red Queen. Viviane decided on a French Mime and a Steampunk Lady.

Now, if you follow my personal IG account you have probably already seen the progress of the Red Queen and how she came together. Creating the harness was an adventure all on its own. And some of my ideas didn’t work out at all. In the end though I was happy with the results.


I fell in love with the wig I purchased  from arda wigs. This particular wig is called Victoria. I also found that my favorite piece of this cosplay was the choker that I made, even though it kept poking me in the throat (the heart crystal came to a point on one side) and wouldn’t lay exactly as I wanted it to.  The day I wore the Red Queen I handed out little heart charms as gifts.

posted with permission from Viviane WolfeViviane’s Mime cosplay was super awesome. She brought along a crocheted arigumi and he hitched a ride whenever he could.

The cosplays that we saw on Saturday were many (naturally) but my favorite this year had to be a girl that cross-cosplayed Jareth. She was attending the FanExpo with her parents and I had a chance to talk with them before snapping a picture. I asked the girl why she chose to cosplay Jareth and her response made my heart pitter patter and give props to her parents. Later when we ran into each other at a Vendor (the same one that I purchased my mini tophat from last year) we joked about following each other.




Saturday night Viviane and I went to the 80s Dance Party that took place at the Alamo Draft House down the street from the convention. This was my first time attending an After-Party and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Before the party, the Alamo screened Rocky Horror Picture Show which was introduced by the original cast. We caught a glimpse of them while we waited next to an honest to goodness Dolorian time machine and watched a look-a-like Marty McFly talking to people. It was eerie listening to him. He had the mannerisms and speech patterns so completely memorized. If I had cash on me, I would have taken a picture with him and the car. But I didn’t.

Viviane and I decided to totally punk my hair out and give me a faux hawk. It was glorious.

The shindig was a lot of fun and we met some amazing people. Yes, Cap’t Jack and a Stormtrooper had drinks together. We danced, We sang. We drank. We did eat. We started the evening as strangers and ended the night as…acquaintances, if not friends.

Going back in time…. Friday… I cosplayed the Punky Harley and Viviane cosplayed her steampunk lady.

I took elements from last year and mixed them together. I didn’t bother with a wig or change my hair. It really was a mashup of different Harleys. What I found interesting is that I was recognized as Harley Quinn and several people thought my actually hair was a great idea.

Other than wandering the Vendor Hall the only thing that Viviane and I planned on doing on Sunday was seeing Mark Hamill  – It was after all the reason I convinced her to make the trip. The only other panel we managed to see the entire weekend was the Shadow Cast performance of Rocky Horror Pictureshow.  (Which was great!)

Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy were going to be sharing the stage and talking about the animated Batman series. Unlike the special panel that happened on Friday night that Mark Hamill had (Special Event Tickets required)  this panel was free. And we were pretty sure that everyone that didn’t go to the panel on Friday would show up on Sunday so we had to be early enough to ensure getting seats.

Lines are a thing at FanExpo. This year they were particularly bad. In order to ensure we would get seats we found out where the line was going to form and then waited until the line that belonged to panel before ours went in. Lining up immediately following them. Viv and I were 3rd and 4th in line and we waited roughly an hour. By the time we started to go into the room where the panel was, the line had snaked around 4 times. I have never been so happy to have been there that early. We were stage left but in the first row.

I was amused by the number of questions that were asked about Star Wars and how adept Mark Hamill was at steering everything back to Batman and Joker.

At one point Mark Hamill’s daughter came out with his puppies and they snuggled on the stage. It was adorable. (Kevin was absent because he had to pee.)

IMG_4424 This year there were several aspects about the FanExpo I wasn’t too keen on, but the events and such that I did attend were a lot of fun and I am glad I was able to share the experience with Viviane.

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