I was going to write about the fanexpo and all the neat and amazing things. I even have part of a draft saved. But I put it on the back burner because I ended up really busy. You might notice that THIS post isn’t coming from loose endings. That’s because I’ve spent the last week redesigning and prepping for a new home. It’s time to take the fledgling(and tbh floundering)business that I initially created to support a yarn habit and turn it into something that I can look back at in the future and be happy with.

No. This post, to get back on point, is coming from my newish blog home for everything that’s not related to what I am doing with loose endings. Why newish? Because I’ve actually held this blog name on for far longer than I’d like to admit. Given the work I was doing for loose endings, I decided to give the blogsite a little loving attention.

You will still be able to find all the blog posts before today from loose endings here. I “archived” them. It was too much of a pain to import them and format them to the new site. You can search the archive or just check out the category list…uh on second thought… everything was filed under Ramblings unless it was food related and then it went under The Kitchen Goddess Diaries. Looking for something specific might take a bit of digging if you aren’t looking for recipes.

And if you put loose endings on your blog roll to follow you will have to add room7609 to the list if you want to follow me here. You know, where I talk about food, cosplay, makeup…anything really.

I will get to that fanexpo post. No promises on when it will show up. And if you look about the blog I’d like to see if you know where the inspiration for the name and ah…title themes are from. So an inadvertent POP QUIZ!


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