It's Been Three Weeks

It’s Monday morning and I’m sitting in the living room with Harley kneading biscuits into my legs before she settles down. I’m usually at my laptop when I write posts but I’ve been avoiding my laptop. So I’m on my tablet at the moment. 

I couldn’t bring myself to write anything the first week.  I was still a bit numb. Unbelieving. Angry.  

The second week I was still infuriated. It pained me to read the news. To watch a man that has no business being the leader of the United States of America grapple with enormity of what it means to be president of a nation and realize he really can’t have everything his way – that a nation is not the same as a business no matter the similarities we might see…. Has been rough to say the least.

By the time week three came round…time just seemed to slip away.

According to my stats it has been 21 days since my last post. 21 days for me to get to a place of…calm. Which should not be confused for acceptance. 

Just like those who dissented during the eight years that President Obama was in office, it is my right to voice my dissent regarding the 45th president.

To those that say “get over it.”

I will not. You didn’t and I did not hold that against you.

To those that don’t understand why I am dissenting.

It is okay if you don’t. We all walk a path that shapes us in different ways.

To those that say I’m not being patriotic.

The most patriotic thing a citizen of the United States of America can do is hold the government accountable. All of government. To question. 
I am part of the growing rebellion.

I am a conscientious dissenter.

I am part of the resistance.

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