Ok, That's Enough


Last week… the SECOND week of January I was struck low by a cold. Stupid cold dashed every single plan I made for the week. All of them. Not only my work calendar which had a lot of cool things going on but my social calendar as well. Given that I even have a social calendar the second week of January was pretty fabulous. Even if this  cold pulled the breaks on all of it.  Well, all but one. I was determined to go to a birthday shindig on Saturday to celebrate a friend turning 40. The group was small and we all wore pjs. I didn’t stay the entire night, but I was there.

Today is Monday. And I have my war paint on.  There’s the lingering chest cough and the stuffy nose that remain at the end of every cold, but dammit. I am ready to take on Monday. And I will do it with a smile. And some Girl Scout cookies. Wearing pearls and house shoes. (Clothes too.)

Keep an eye out on Loose Endings Instagram as there will be a visual update on the January Designer Challenge I gave myself.  Pointy needles are pointy, FYI.

Also, it’s MLK day. This year seems to be especially poignant given the political climate. As a nation we’ve come far, but the fight is far from over. I saw Hidden Figures yesterday. If you haven’t seen it yet, do so. It is well worth it.

And now I am off to play with yarn. What are you doing today?

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