Thursday Thoughts



January 2017 week: 1

This week has been hard. Physically. The pain (mostly in my right hand) is not pleasant. It has caused me to slow down on projects that I planned on having done by now. Instead of apologizing for not getting the project done within the set time frame like I would normally, I thanked the client for being patient instead.

I found that turning the script around like this actually helped me cope with the fact that my hands were not cooperating.

I’ve set a designing challenge for myself for the month of January. Design something using only 100 yds of yarn. A while back I received two small sets of mini skeins from Phydeaux Designs. Each set totals 100 yds of yarn. I have an idea or two bouncing about the noggin, but nothing is truly set yet.

This week I started reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I’ve already highlighted quite a few lines  in the first chapter.  While the book does deal more with women in corporate culture, I think it will be interesting to see how I can translate it to building Loose Endings.

I gifted a Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop ballpoint pen to Viviane. She received it yesterday. Everyone deserves to have a PEN. It made me happy to know that she liked it.

My assistant Harley has begun demonstrating that my Harley collection in the office will soon need a new home. She has figured out how to gain access to the top of the bookshelf where the collection now resides. I can’t leave her unsupervised in the office at this point.


What have you been thinking or doing this week? Leave a comment. Let’s discuss!


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