Getting Things Sorted

For the last few weeks I’ve been having regular conversations with Viviane Wolfe, who is a long time friend from ….well we’ve been friends for a really long time. Our conversations run the gamut of topics. Most of them however have been over how to achieve our goals. Viviane is determined to help people cultivate their inner Super Hero through Aerial Yoga. My goal is to publish more patterns and teach fibre arts.

Oddly we connected as “business besties” after she found the podcast Being Boss, which I’ve mentioned in previous posts. What is a business bestie? Well think of it as an accountability partner for small businesses. Someone you can talk to that will give you a different perspective or remind you that you are indeed doing what you want and that it is worth it. I know, it sounds a little woo-woo, but I can’t deny that entrepreneurs (especially of small businesses) benefit greatly from being able to connect with others like this. I see it every day in the Being Boss Facebook Group.

So we’ve been talking about how we want to shape 2017. There’s a lot of visualization during this process.  A lot of it seems esoteric, like choosing a word or song. Or even a theme. I chose a song for 2016 – Renegades by X Ambassadors  but I hadn’t really thought about choosing anything for 2017 until I had a conversation about colors with Viviane. She asked me what my word was for 2017 to help her make a decision on a color question I had asked. And even though I didn’t have one to help her answer, I did decide on a word later in the day. And it has significantly changed the way I am approaching certain goals.

The word? Dare. 

I will dare to do the things that scare me. I will dare myself to go that extra step. I will dare.

I will not put off the things I know I can do today to tomorrow just because it’s easier. I will face the hard truths of running a small business and embrace all the ups and downs. I will dare to be successful.

Now what was the color question I had asked? It was about the color of the pen I was going to use for the year from my fountain pen collection. Yes, the color of a pen. I had already held a vote on ink so all that was left was which pen. Making these seemingly inconsequential decisions serve as a way to focus down. To pin point what you really want to do. At least that is what I have found.

For 2017 I have :

A word: DARE

*A pen: Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop

*An ink: Diamine Ink in Syrah

I feel like this is a good start to get things sorted for 2017. What have you done to start the year?


*links are to the site I purchased from. Non affiliated.

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