Reading All The Things

This year was more about not reading. I read a lot of political and science articles this year. The political articles more because of the election, the science articles because they were interesting.

I didn’t really do much reading outside of that. As a matter of fact I am still trying to finish the last book listed on my GoodReads. And it’s a good book. I just don’t seem to have the energy to devote to it right now. I have a good sized stack of comics and collected editions to catch up on as well.

It should be obvious that I missed my GoodReads goal by quite a bit. So for next year, even though I know I have the ability to read over 50 books within 12 months, I think I’m changing my approach. Instead of reading as much as I can I’m going to start with 2 books a month at least. If I read more that’s cool. But I certainly shouldn’t be reading less. A total of 24 books minimum. At least 3  should be non-fiction.  (Just because I know 3 titles that are non-fiction that I want to read.)

I’ve been pondering a habit that I have and am curious if others do the same thing. The current reading drought notwithstanding, I love to read. As a kid and teen I checked out every book I read from the library. That’s what you did. If I  really like book I ended up buying it.  But here’s the thing. I rarely re-read any of the books I purchase. Unlike Matt, who re-reads and has to purchase new copies every few years of a favorite series. Part of the reason I love reading on the kindle is that the books I do buy don’t take up any physical space. Over the last 10 years I’ve been slowly reducing my library of physical books and replacing certain ones with e-books. And I question why I do that, even though I know I might not go back and re-read it. Why get the book again?

I think that maybe I do that because something about the work reminds me of when I first read it, how I felt, what was going on in my life. Like touchstones to my past, they trigger memories. The number of times I’ve picked up a book and smiled or frowned because of something I remembered are numerous.

Do you have any habits regarding books that you wonder about?

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