August Check In

It’s the 1st of September so it’s time for a check in on how I did this month with the goals that I set out in my last post.


  • Drink less Coke – I switched to ordering Arnold Palmers when possible when I ate out, which is when I drink the most Coke. And I started off really well for the month. Two weeks in and one of my cats became ill and it quickly went down hill. Grade: D


  • Read more – I’m giving myself a big fat F/6 for this catagory. I didn’t read a single new book, comic, or graphic novel. I picked up a bunch over the month but haven’t actually read any of them.


  • Write more – I did do some writing this month. All of it in regards to a character I created for a game that is starting in the near future. I started working on her her prolouge to the game and wrote three or four pages before Henry (the cat) became sick.  Grade: C


  • Listen to more Podcasts – Nothing.Nada. A big fat F


  • Eat better food – I really need to work on this. It’s been really difficult. Primarily because I don’t really like eating alone, and I’m not really good at making single servings of anything. I need to learn to change my mindset on dinners. I tend to not feel like cooking anything by the time Matt gets home from work  (between 5:30 and 6:30 – sometimes later, it’s never consistent) and we end up eating out more because of it. Grade: C


  • Get better sleep – I set my Alta up to help me get better sleep. It lets me know when it’s time to start winding down and go to bed. It’s a nice feature and it has helped me in having a consistent schedule. Most nights I am in bed by 10 p.m. and asleep by 10:30 or ll p.m. (depending on how long it takes me to fall asleep. The Alta buzzes about 6:30  or so to wake me up. (I don’t wear it at night, but the vibration is pretty strong that I can hear it in the little box that it’s in.) It’s actually rare that I sleep until 6:30 though. I have cats. They are my alarm clock. Grade: B


  • Exercise more – I started out really good this month. Walking 15+ minutes every day. My average steps per day moved from 4k to 5k. And I was feeling really positive about it all. My momentum came to a screeching halt the moment Henry became sick. Grade: D



Outside influences played a large part in August. After I decided to start this reboot I paid a visit to my doctor to discuss my chronic fatigue that has steadily become worse over time. After some discussion we agreed to add a new medication to what I was already taking. It’s been about three weeks and it has, at least to me, made an actual difference. I no longer feel like going back to bed after I’ve been awake. And I do have “more” energy to move about.

The other thing that occurred was that Henry became ill. Seriously ill. So much so that we thought we might have to say good bye. It took a week to learn that he has Cancer. It’s Small Cell Lymphoma. From what the vet has told us, this cancer is not as aggressive as others. Henry could live happily and pain free for 18 months with proper care. It has been a devastating blow to Matt and me. I’ve been having a hard time processing everything. All of us are adjusting to a new feeding schedule and medication. (I’m getting decently better at turning Henry into a cat burrito.)

And that’s it. Let’s see how September goes.


One Comment

  1. Stu

    All things considered, I think you did extremely well this month… making any changes, even small ones over time add up…. making a plan and getting started is the hardest part! So sorry about Henry 😦 having said that, I am happy for all of you that you have some more time before goodbye, and that he’s not in pain.

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