Still Alive

I am here. So much has been going on since my post about the Fan-Expo and I promise that I am going to tell you all the little details soon. I’m just having some trouble getting my brain to dump it all.

It’s become something of a cycle. I know I have something to say, to share, but my brain wants to chew on this last little bit and then it finds something else it wants to dwell on but won’t let me drop anything. I’m the best juggler of random thoughts I know. And it’s exhausting. Really really exhausting.

I’m going to try and write something about my trip to Canada over the Canada Day Holiday. (I had so much fun.)

There is also a yarn post. Wonderful goodies. Seriously.

I also have some thoughts regarding the current political climate that my brain is furiously chewing on.

It will get written. All of it. Just not right now. Instead I am going to work on one of the many unfinished pieces that are floating about… and maybe clean all the makeup brushes I own. Then again, I might sit and play Borderlands. It entirely depends on what my brain is going to focus on that won’t make me feel like I’m utterly useless.

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