Pretty String

When I learned that Rachel and Metin decided to get married, I was over the moon happy for them. I adore Rachel and feel fortunate to be able to call her a friend. It wasn’t hard to understand why Rachel liked Metin after meeting him and spending some time chatting.

Having decided to marry in Scotland, there have been several pre-wedding celebrations held for various friends that aren’t able to make the trek to those rocky shores. I attended the Houston bash held over New Years Eve of 2015. Rachel gave us a preview of her dress and we had a grand time reminiscing on when and how everyone met.

This was also when I decided I wanted to make something for Rachel. And I knew immediately what it was that I wanted to make. The Dahlia Shawl.  I had started one for myself a year or so ago but never managed to finish it.

Since my first Dahlia project was started with Curio yarn, a cotton crochet thread from knitpicks I decided to use it again. After consulting Rachel regarding color (she chose a beautiful color called Victorian) I ordered the yardage needed. As soon as it came in I began working on it.

It took me roughly three and a half months of working on it on and off to have it done early enough to mail it off so Rachel would get it before she left for Scotland.


Thoughts on the pattern itself:  I felt that the designer made the pattern more difficult than it needed to be. This could have been because she wrote it to the standards of the magazine she submitted to. There were certain redundancies and sections that I would have written differently. Aside from occasionally loosing track of what repeat row I was on, I wasn’t overly fond of the edging directions. I ended up not working the last four rows because of this.

Thoughts on the yarn: The pattern called for an alpaca blended fibre but I chose to make it with Curio which is 100% cotton. So I understood that there would be differences that occurred. I ordered the same yardage as a precaution. I used 1/3 of what I purchased. While I did work to the dimensions specified in the pattern there will be a major difference in length. Anything made with alpaca tends to “grow”. So while the pattern gives certain dimensions, the original shawl is much larger due to the nature of the fibre. Cotton doesn’t grow. Not at all. In most cases it can shrink if you aren’t careful.

I am pleased with the outcome and will eventually finish my first attempt at the Dahlia sometime in the future. Truthfully I’m just looking forward to seeing Rachel wear it.


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