It's The Little Things

Since I released the pattern for Black Purl Gloves, I have been fairly quiet. Partially because I was over the moon that I had met my first goal for 2016 (to publish a pattern in January) and I was mentally fairly drained from the process. But more than that, a couple of weeks before the release I adjusted my medication – increased the dosage – after consulting with my Dr. about certain events that occurred in the last seven months that concerned me. It took me almost a full month to acclimate to the increase.

I didn’t feel like doing much of anything. No pattern work, no writing here or otherwise, no cleaning, nothing. I spent a good portion of time curled up on the couch or in bed with Henry and Harley while I poked about on the iPad thinking that I should get up and about and do something.

Then last week I picked up the wedding gift that I had started at the end of January. It has a May deadline and like most things the larger it gets the longer it takes. I made a deal with myself to crochet 4 rows per day. This should keep me well on track…if I don’t have to rip back too many times (which has already happened twice) and I put the project into “time out”. While I am working on that, I  have the next pattern percolating in the back of my brain.

Last week I was also asked if I was a stockist for Mrs. Crosby’s Yarn as I was listed on the site as being one.  While I ordered the color cards last year, I have yet to open the account so I emailed them to find out why I was listed. (It was because of the color cards.)

I am a stockist for Lorna’s Laces and have the ability to procure their wonderful yarn and will at some point this year become a stockist for Mrs.Crosby (I’m really looking forward to being able to design with their yarn.)

This past weekend a LYS inquired about selling my patterns in-store through Ravelry. I also noticed a spike in hearts and queued projects for the Black Purl Gloves. (Selling in-store is a program that Ravelry set up. Participating Stores have the ability to buy patterns for their customers through Ravelry  from participating  Designers.) I was surprised and quite excited because this is the first time a LYS has ever approached me. Then I learned why and was even more excited.  Lorna’s Laces most recent newsletter was all about the Black Purl Gloves! The newsletter had been sitting in my email for three days (it goes into my promotions folder and I don’t always check that every day) before I read it.

Lorna’s Laces featured my pattern. My Pattern. I was totally blown away. I immediately emailed them and thanked them. Because I totally needed to do that. As an Independent Designer I give props and thank those that bump me along my chosen path.

Yesterday I joined the in-store sales program on Ravelry. I’m willing to see how that works out for the time being.(Check your LYS to see if they participate!) And I have also begun inquires regarding wholesale printing for those stores that might want hardcopies instead of a digital download. My home printer will thank me.

All of these things are little things on their own. Combined it makes a pretty big thing. It is just one more step on this path I am following, but it’s a big stepping stone to me.




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