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Black Purl Gloves

Hello! It’s been a bit. But there is a reason. I am thrilled to announce the first pattern for 2016 from Loose Endings is now available for purchase on Ravelry!

Introducing the Black Purl Gloves.

These opera length fingerless gloves take a single skein of Lorna’s Laces Honor to make.

The name was inspired by the colorway name of yarn – Black Purl.

The textured stitch pattern is very reminiscent of pearls and I loved the play on words. (Because in the grand scheme of Pirates and Ninja’s – I am a pirate)

In the next few days I will be adding kits to the shop so you can get everything you need (excluding needles and notions) in one place.




A Fibre Arts Enthusiast, a writer of fiction, a would-be foodie, and a collector of champagne glasses...Owner of Loose Endings Studio.

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