This Has Been A Rough Week

Within  days of each other two very influential people passed away this week. The world lost David Bowie on the 10th of January and then Alan Rickman four days later on the 14th.

I personally was stunned when I learned of David Bowie’s (Papa Bowie) death. It just didn’t seem possible that the man that brought Jareth the Goblin King to life (Tesla too!) and changed the way I listened to music as young girl could simply no longer exist. He was immortal long before I knew who he was. His death was a bitter pill to swallow; not only for me but for many around the world.

To loose Alan Rickman only days later felt like a hoax. Why? Because both men were 69 years old and both battled Cancer. The similarities were just too eerie. Sadly though it turned out to be true. And the world cried out at having lost their favorite professor, christmas villian, Colonel, alt-Spock and stage actor.

I didn’t know them personally yet learning of their passing made me feel as if I had just lost a cherished family member. Strange as it may sound, I find myself going through the stages of grief just as I would had I lost someone close to me. It is real and tangible. It is also a little confusing.

I’ve been musing that perhaps it is not their deaths that I am grieving, but the loss of my childhood and the idea that these two men will no longer be able to share their genius with the world.

All I know right now is that it’s been a rough week. I think I’m going to go find Simon Jareth Gopher (the only teddy bear I own) and go watch Galaxy Quest.


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