Giving Props

Here’s the deal, Loves. I’m going to talk about some of my very artistic friends and all the cool stuff they do. And I will be linking to their Etsy stores.  You are by no means required to follow those links and check their cool things out and possibly buy something because –hey they are really cool. But truthfully, I’d love to see them get even more love because they are inspirations. I am in no way being compensated for what follows.

Stuwaha Creations

Let me tell you about Sarah. Or Stu, as I know her. Her shop is called Stuwaha Creations We met online a long long time ago, while I was still in college and she was living several states away. We became best of friends over a site called Neopets. We’ve long since abandoned the site but have remained friends. She is the creator of Picklesnot. (The little dragon that I used as my logo and named my business after in the very beginning.) I even invited her to my wedding, though she declined because she was about to meet her future husband.

Sarah has always been an artist. Be it with a brush or clay. She draws inspiration from her surroundings as well as her love of the odd. She currently resides in Scotland and has plenty to be inspired by. I personally loved her little dragon line of pictures. (Picklesnot was the forerunner and well…) She makes jewelry and hair sticks. Her miniature animals which she makes out of polymer clay are simply amazing. And tiny! Oh my, so tiny. There are so many wonderful things to look at.


The Sugarcube Goblin

And then there is Ellen. I met her several months ago at a shindig. I immediately liked her. (I mean she colored her hair, had a spunky attitude and was just a down right lovely person – what’s not to like?)  Insta friends on the Facebooks, of course. She starts sharing some of her art work and talking about comic strips she’s working on etc. With the rise in popularity of adult coloring books she tossed about the idea of creating coloring pages that weren’t necessarily as busy as a lot of adult coloring books have become but just as relaxing. We (me and a whole host of others) encouraged her. And last week she took the plunge and re-opened The Sugarcube Goblin  featuring coloring pages, paper dolls and prints. (I say re-opened because the shop was actually created several years ago but was shuttered until recently)

Also, I may have been the first person to buy a coloring page. It was a fox. If she ever decides to create an owl I am so there. Seriously check out her pages. They are amazing. As of this post she has added some really neat prints too.



There are a few others that I want to talk about, but their shops are currently on hiatus or they are currently working on more stock so there will just have to be another post giving props to the indy artists that I have come to call friends.


(Also I know that this post is lacking in pictures at the moment. Because yes, examples would be helpful I am sure.)

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