Hello 2016

I’m sitting at my desk. The laptop is open and I’ve gone through what has become my usual routine online. It’s the first week of January. A new year has begun and there are a plethora of posts, articles, snippets, memes and whatnot regarding resolutions, desires and goals for 2016 along with reflections of 2015.

I’ve often wondered what drives us to want to do such things at the end of the year/beginning of the year. What makes us want to suddenly make changes to our lives? I still haven’t figured it out. And I am not certain that I will.

It’s Monday morning. I’ve had my single cup of coffee. Now that 2015 is several days behind me, here are my reflections.

  1. 2015 went by fast and slow at the same time. I blinked and whole months passed without even so much as hello/goodbye unless I was expecting something to happen. Then it moved really really slow. Anticipation can do that apparently.
  2. Personally, I had a great year.  I acquired things. (A house!) I met people. (Ladies and Gents you know who you are.)  I did things. (Go to a Supernatural Convention? Go on a cruise? Check!)
  3. 2015 was the year I watched the political system in the US completely loose its mind. And then the rest of the world followed.
  4. 2015 made me question everything from who I was, the way I interact, how societal norms are changing and all sorts of other things that I would have at an earlier time in my life taken for granted.

It would be really easy to focus on the negative that has occurred the world over, there is certainly enough outrage and anger. I’m also pretty certain that there is a scientific term for the idea that we, humanity as whole, tend to focus more on the negative. It’s certainly easier to get discouraged and develop a very bleak view of the world when the negative becomes the sole focus. Perhaps that is why there are so many that say they are looking forward to a better year to come.

The only real goal I have for 2016 is to do something new/different/fun every month. Be it traveling to a place I haven’t been before, or simply going to a museum. It doesn’t matter as long as I do something.

2016 will unfold as it will, as I make my choices and those around me make their own decisions.

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