It's 3 a.m.

Charlie wanders onto the blog. It sits there patiently waiting for her to write words upon it. Her last post dated almost a month ago stares back at her. A reminder that she has been neglecting the space. Charlie sighs. It’s a heavy sad sigh. Putting her fingers to the keyboard of the laptop, Charlie begins to write.


At 3 a.m. this morning I woke up. There were no loud noises and no alarm. I simply woke up. The cats apparently decided to make a short circuit around the living room. I could hear their collars tinkling as they moved, or rather chased each other. Knowing that they would eventual return to snuggle I tried to go back to sleep. I glanced at the clock, it blinked 3 a.m..

I couldn’t. Instead my brain decided to jump start. Christmas presents that I had purchased the day before drifted through my minds vision. Would the recipients like them? Should I get something else? Oh, I could keep this item and add this instead…no, that wouldn’t do. Am I spending too much money? I totally meant to write a blog post yesterday.

I turned over. Henry jumped on the bed and settled into the crook of my bent legs. A moment later Harley settled near my pillow close to my chest. See I knew they would settle down. Now go to sleep. Oh don’t think about the $20 off coupon from Sephora. I could totally get the rest of Izzabele’s present. I promised to get her a beauty blender right? I wonder if I can find a book on special effect make-up. How much is liquid latex on Amazon? 

Sighing, I turn over again. Purposefully keeping my eyes shut. Aware that I am thinking that if I do so I should fall back asleep. Why are my thoughts running amok? Just settle down, go back to sleep. I’m upset with myself for not reading much this year. I totally meant to write a blog post about Fallout 4. I wonder if I can hit Rogue status at Sephora by the end of December. In order to use the coupon I have to spend $50. Will points accrue if I order online? I don’t remember. I haven’t talked to Roxane in a while. I’m a terrible friend. I should call her. I’m a terrible friend to everyone I know… Gah! Go to sleep. Please stop thinking about all this stuff. I wonder how many markers I can find in the Glowing Sea. Am I  a terrible person for playing Fallout 4 for three weeks straight? I miss people. I wonder if Julie is going to be at WoR tonight. Maybe I can talk to her about cleaning stuff then. I should call Mom. She’s going to be upset that I haven’t called in a while. I could get up and play Fallout. The cats are going to hate me for moving. You can take a nap later.

I shift and by some miracle of acrobatics I manage not to disturb the cats as I slide out of bed. Matt is still sound asleep. I dig for my glasses in the night stand and peer at the alarm clock. It blinks 3:45 a.m.  It’s going to be a long day.


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