The Week That Was Via Instagram

Hello Loves,

This week simply flew by. Perhaps it was due to all the writing, or the anticipation of a weekend trip. I’m not entirely certain. I’ve been spending a lot of time catching up on Supernatural (I’m somewhere in season 10 now.) while battling with my word count for Nanowrimo.

I look amazing for only 4 hours of sleep after attending my first ever Kick-off event for Nanowrimo.

Henry was enjoying hanging out with my gang of Harley’s.

And then there was that time I bought 3 Chai lattes for my sister, niece, and nephew because they really enjoy those things. (Sadly I can not stomach the taste of Chai at all.) And this order barely made a dent in my Starbucks card.

Took a selfie with my amazing niece before heading off to the event for which I was in town for. She was kind enough to do my hair and makeup. She’s developed an interest in special effect makeup and while this was not an event for such a production, I thought she might learn something about applying makeup to someone else, and I was right.  As she put it, “It’s a little harder to do.”  All it takes is practice, love. All it takes is practice.

This is Nicole. I’ve known Nicole since she was 13 years old. She has inspired me in so many ways, it’s ridiculous. I watched her grow up, mentored her for a very short period of time, and in general cheered her on even if she didn’t know it. I was absolutely thrilled when I learned that she was going to get married. And even more so when she invited me to the event when space was limited. It was a beautiful event and I am so glad I was able to be there.

And my dpns finally arrived! And look at all the goodies!


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