Nanowrimo 2015 Things Of Note

It’s the middle of the first week of Nanowrimo 2015. As of last night I am roughly 100 words ahead of the needed word count to finish by the end of the month. Not bad, given I’m writing it long-hand.

This year there have already been a lot of firsts for me and Nano. I went to my first kick-off event and met some wonderful folks that live in the area who are participating. The local ML (the liaison for the region) is an absolute hoot and reminds me so strongly of Amanda Palmer in looks that it’s sometimes hard to concentrate on writing instead of staring. I’ll be going to my first “write-in” this evening. And plan on going to at least three others during the month.

Story-wise I started out with scenes that were seemingly disconnected. Two pages a piece, a different character each time. This happened six times before a switch flipped and a story sort of emerged. I’m not going to go into much more detail because I have a feeling there is another switch going to happen soon as I just finished creating a character for a tabletop game and she’s been knocking about in my head for a day now.

At the beginning of Nano I inked up three pens and as of yesterday started using the first back-up. Over 24 pages were written with the first pen (the metropolitan) which is amazing.  I’m finding I am enjoying writing long-hand. I can pick up the notebook and write a few pages and go do something else. I find I write in ten minute bursts between my normal tasks and then longer when I’m done. I don’t feel bad when I put the pen down. I do a word count every two to three pages. As long as I have at least 130 words per page the four notebooks I have will be sufficient to reach the 50k word goal. I’ve been averaging 143 words per page, depending on how fast I am writing. There are a few pages that have gone as high as 160 words. Those pages I count twice to make certain because by then my handwriting has pretty much gone to crap and even I can barely read what is on the page.

Another added benefit of writing long-hand is that I can not go back and edit. Which means regardless of what is put down on the page it all counts. I can’t over think things and occasionally a sentence stops midway and turns into something else because my brain and hand aren’t communicating quick enough. If I decide to go back and edit this, there are going to be some interesting lines.

I hope that everyone else is having a good first week of Nano. I am truly enjoying seeing the word count bars start to fill up on my writing buddy list, and I check in with those that I promised to encourage. I’ll update again regarding Nanowrimo next week.


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