Loose Endings Studio E-Store Is Moving

‘Ello Loves,

You might have noticed the new products tab on the Loose Endings Facebook page. Or you might have even seen my commenting about it over there. As of today, the Facebook version of the Loose Endings E-Store is officially open. You can find OOAK (one of a kind) items listed there that are ready ship out to new homes immediately.

You might be asking, “Why Charlie are you putting a store on Facebook, don’t you have an Etsy presence?”

And I would respond with – Yes, I do. However, as much as I love Etsy, the cost of selling the few ready made items that I have at any given time is not cost effective for me. Most of the current work I do (aside from pattern design which I sell through Ravelry) is custom work where people have found me via word-of-mouth. I very rarely have a built up inventory of items to list as almost all of them are ooak.

Technically speaking I have put the Etsy store on vacation, but as always if you wish to contact me for custom work via Etsy I will be happy to discuss any custom order you have in mind.

Moving the E-Store to the Facebook page is only the first move in a two step process that I have planned. Sometime in the Spring of 2016 I will move the store here. Making looseendings.com the one stop for ALL THE THINGS (that pertain to Loose Endings). Which of course is my ultimate goal because it makes my life simple and I like simple. (It lets me do more complicated things in knitting and crochet!)

So if you want to see where to buy something check out the Where to Shop Page. It will get you were you want to go for now.

Much Love from the Studio,


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