It's Beginning To Look Like…

It’s only a few days away. The holiday that marks the beginning of the “holiday season”.  Halloween. You can already see the retail stores gearing up for it. There is pumpkin spice everything. And the weather is actually cooler for the early parts of the day, at least.

This will be the first Halloween in the new house. We’re still getting settled – a process that takes a surprising amount of time – but we already have plans for the holiday season. I might have mentioned that I have stone lions guarding the front door. I’ve already dressed them for Speak like a Pirate Day. For Halloween one of them will be wearing a witches hat and the other will likely be wearing a vampire cape. I’m putting a wreath on the front door for Halloween. I’ve never done that before. I’ve never been able to do so.

Before buying the wreath and other sundry Halloween decorations, Matt and I realized that we actually live in a neighborhood that will have kids wandering about collecting candy. Matt is all about giving kids “the good stuff” which means it’s going to be entirely possible that some kids are going to walk away with a lot of yummy full-sized candy if we run out of the “fun sized” stuff.

As far as other decorations go, I picked up some small plastic pumpkins that have lights in them to put in the window and a glass pumpkin to hold any left over candy. Matt also picked up an actual pumpkin.  To carve. I don’t know when he plans on actually doing that. I’m certainly not going to be carving it. I’m prone to causing myself bodily harm when it comes to things like that…

I’ll stick to the wreath and the fake pumpkins. I might dress up as a witchy pirate. I have green hair right now and it wouldn’t be a stretch with what I have in the closet. Matt was going to scare the kids this year, but decided to wait until next year to give himself enough time to actually plan. That’s so odd. Planning what to do for next year.

Have I mentioned that I really do love Halloween?

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