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The Week That Was Via Instagram

The temperature finally decided to dip into the cool side of things this week.

It's actually cool enough to pull my one sweater on! #Texas #fall #iwilllikelyhavetochangelater

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I received goodies in the mail! Currently this is only thing that I am subscribed to and seeing that pink foiled package does really brighten my day – even when I have no idea what I am about get. (Note: I was disappointed with the mascara, loved the liquid lipstick, tweezers are always cool, and the pumpkin mask smells like coconuts. The only thing I haven’t tried yet is the hair mask.)


I made a thing. It’s a cool weather thing. I call it the LuX Apocalypse Cowl. (Check out the new product page over on the Facebook page if you are interested in getting it for yourself. It’s a OOAK, so once it’s gone it’s gone!

I made a thing. More information coming soon. #knitting #looseendingsstudio

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…Henry went mad over my hair….

How #henryboy reacts to my hair when I've just washed it. #strange #catsofinstagram

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And my assistants kept an eye on me to make sure I stayed on task winding yarn. It’s a boring job, but as they would say “Someone has to do it. It’s yarn!”


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