Loose Endings Studio : First Glimpse

It’s been a few months since the official move and even though we’ve pretty much unpacked everything and aren’t actually living out of boxes it still feels like it. This is partially due to the slow pace in which we can actually make the changes we want to make. Adjusting to owning a house takes a good amount of time and work.

Some things have been progressing apace though. The new studio space for instance. There are a few major items that need to be done. The carpet replacement in the alcove and the section of wood flooring that meets it needs to be covered. But in general there are just a few minor things like lighting, pictures and a bit more storage that need to be handled.

The studio is a split space consisting of two rooms. We converted one of the extra bedrooms into the office and the space that was considered the formal dining room into the work space. Splitting the studio like this presented itself with some unique challenges in how each room was to be utilized. And it certainly challenged my original concept ideas of what I wanted the studio to look like.

I knew that the office space would be where I would keep all of the business aspects of Loose Endings. Anything that I might need the computer for, shipping supplies, reference books etc. all are in the office space. I also decided that the office would also be where my yarn would be stored. Any supplies that I use or might need for varying projects or ideas are also there.

This space was also the only space to be painted before moving in. I had a very distinct color palette chosen. The walls are grey, the alcove is red and all the trim is black.   Here, let me show you:

September 2015 studio office

September 2015 studio office

September 2015 studio office

September 2015 studio office

September 2015 studio office

Can you guess what I used as my inspiration for the room? Might it be all the Harley Quinn? If that’s what you guessed, you would be correct. I still have four prints that need to be framed and hung along the walls. For now though, the office is serviceable enough that I can write.

I chose to put the work space in the space that was originally meant to be a formal dining room. The first thing we did was remove the hideous chandelier that hung low into the room and replaced it with something else. This space is open and has lots of windows which allow for a lot of light. Initially we were going section the space off but I realized quickly that every option we were looking at would rob the rest of the house of natural lighting. So for the time being it is open to the rest of the house until we come up with a solution that makes sense.

Because of its location I couldn’t immediately paint. It’s probably the only drawback of having such an open floor plan in the house. (Or that I chose to split the space.)  I decided on a large counter height table/desk to be used for sewing, and all my other ideas that require me to sit at a table. I have three wonderful chairs for anyone that might want to drop by and do some knitting or crochet. (Maybe eventually take a class…) And then there is the telly mounted on the wall. It swivels and moves so that it can be seen from anywhere in the space. Which is great.

This space was actually almost finished from the very start and I spent a good amount of time sitting at the table with my laptop before setting things up in the office. I listened to a lot of Pandora.One and watched a lot of Netflix while I sorted things out. It’s a great space.

September 2015 studio space

September 2015 studio space

September 2015 studio space

September 2015 studio space

So there you have it. Your first glimpse of what the Loose Ending Studio looks like. I do hope you enjoyed the tour.


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