Mid Summer Slump

I have been very spoiled this year when it comes to the weather. It’s been really mild in Texas. Until this week. Which is to say, going out side is not particularly high on my list at the moment. That’s alright though, because I have plenty to do indoors for the moment. It involves boxes, and boxes, and even more boxes.

You see, Lovelies, I’m moving!

There is this lovely little (not really little) house that Matt and I are in the process of purchasing. This time next month (providing services are set up – which they should be) I’ll be posting blogs from the new studio!

It’s been a frenetic adventure in house buying. Very much a hurry-up and wait situation. With the help of a friend we’ve managed to pack just about everything that we can pack for now. We packed up the studio yesterday. There are seven bags (really big bags!) of yarn waiting in the closet to be moved. Seven. You would almost think I have an addiction.

My constant companions and assistants in the Studio, Harley and Henry, are not entirely certain about the situation and have made their displeasure known by climbing to the highest points and staring balefully at me. Of course it is my fault. They may dislike things now and really hate the eventual car trip to the new place, but I think they will warm up fairly quickly once there.

Ohh, I am just so excited I can barely sit still to write. I twitch with glee and happiness every time I think about the move, the new house, and all the new opportunities.

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