Dallas Comic Con – Fan Expo 2015

May 29-31, 2015 was a very busy weekend for me. I attended the three day event known as FanExpo Dallas. (Otherwise referred to as Dallas ComicCon #2 – as it is actually presented by Dallas ComicCon)

This event was held at the Dallas Convention Center. I stayed at the Omni Hotel for the duration of the Con with several friends. The Omni is a wonderful hotel. Very much worth the money spent to stay so close to the Convention Center. (There is a skybridge connecting the two locations.) We didn’t have to brave the rain nor worry about where to park the car.

The last convention I went to I think I was in my early 20’s and it was A-Con (an anime convention), this was an entirely different experience.

We arrived early on Friday for we had an early preview due to the passes that we bought. Most of that time was actually spent standing in line so that the girls could get Alan Tudyk’s signature. I just wanted to say hello. Which I did. I also relayed a message from my lovely husband per his request. The response from Alan was priceless.

me: I’m supposed to let you know that my husband loves you.

alan: Aw. Well I love him, too! Tell him I’m upset he didn’t call. *smiles* Now you’re probably wondering what our relationship is…

me: no…not really…

alan: Don’t worry, tell him we’ll always have Vegas.

Seriously, I thought that this conversation was going to be the highlight of the Con for me, but it was still early.

Here’s what I learned on Friday from seasoned con-goers: If you are planning on getting signatures or photo-ops with any of the special guests (if they are there on Friday) get them. Especially if you have the VIP or Premium passes.  Also, if they tell you not to take pictures of the guests during the autograph sessions – Don’t do it. Of course, there are some celebrities that don’t mind it. But those that are serious about it…I saw several attendees removed from lines. Even folks that weren’t in lines for autographs, simply passing by and pulling out their phones or cameras were told by volunteers not to take pictures. (This occurred at Nathan Fillion’s autograph session. I had stopped just to get a glimpse of him on Saturday and happened to be standing near some volunteers)

I did in fact get a signature on Friday. It was the only one that absolutely had to get. I needed Adam West’s signature for my niece.  (Shhhh it’s a birthday surprise for her.) I can write about it here because she doesn’t read Loose Endings. My niece is a huge Batman fan. She recently started watching the original series staring Adam West and Burt Ward. Everything in her room, half her clothes…all Batman. What better birthday present than a journal personalized by Adam West the first man to portray her favorite hero?

Adam was very nice. Thankfully I had arrived early enough to line up close to the beginning of the line (lines be crazy, yo) he was slightly miffed by the pens that were given to him to sign with. They were brand new but didn’t seem to want to work on the surfaces presented to him. Because I was having the journal personalized for my niece he called me by her name when I spoke to him. Totally understandable. It was truly a pleasure to meet the man and I said as much. His response was to say thank you and raise his hand for a fist bump. Naturally I returned the gesture. Second *greatest moment of the con. Giving Adam West a fistbump.

I was glad I was done standing in line for signatures on Saturday. Holy Moley was the convention packed. I did a lot of my shopping on Saturday. I went to a Harley Quinn Panel and Sketch Duel with Amanda Conner and Chad Hardin. It was fantastic. Amanda is my hero. On Sunday I even went back to her booth and asked if she would mind taking a picture with me. She is amazing.  Fifth greatest moment of the con.

If you were a fan of Godzilla or I Dream of Jeannie, this was the con to attend. There was a Godzilla Reunion Q&A featuring the original three men behind the monster, and an I Dream of Jeannie reunion with Barbara Eden and Bill Daily. There was also the 30th anniversary celebration of Day of the Dead that featured a cast reunion Q&A.

Stan Lee passed within about 15 feet of me. I was sitting at the time and felt it would have been really rude of me to jump up and take a picture. There were already several folks taking pictures as it were. Stan was being followed by two blokes that were clearly his bodyguards. From where I sat Stan Lee seemed to be very pleasant. Third greatest moment of the con.

We attended the Masquerade at the end of the evening on Saturday. Costume contest for the win. So many creative, talented, and wonderful people. It was so much fun. Some of my favorites included the entire RWBY team, the Ghostbuster Girls, Starlord, and WoW mage.

Sunday was pretty low-key. One of the Special guest Cos-Players in attendance that I wanted to meet was Calen Hoffman. He cos-plays an amazing Groot. I felt really short when standing next to Groot and I mentioned it while the picture was being taken. The number of Awww’s that Groot received when he leaned his head on mine….fourth greatest moment of the con.

We stopped and talked to more comic book vendors. Searched for a few more items. I found the ever elusive POP figure of Harley Quinn with her mallet which I have been searching for for about a year now. Apparently it had been a hot-topic exclusive. If I pick up the Roller Derby version I will own all of the POP versions of Harley Quinn. Interestingly enough I would say that there was only one real impulse purchase for me. A messenger bag with Ein from Cowboy Bebop.

By the time 1 o’clock rolled around on Sunday, the girls and I were just plain knackered. Even though there were several hours of the con left we decided to leave early.

I had such a fun time, I do believe I’ll be going again.

Now for pictures of the loot:

FanExpo 2015 Loot! – Harley and her Mallet

FanExpo 2015 Loot! – Why yes, I did in fact buy some comics. Robyn Hood from Zenescope

FanExpo 2015 Loot! – a set of prints from Amanda Conner. These are actually not going in my studio. These are for the bedroom or living room.

FanExpo 2015 Loot! – a third print from Amanda Conner. The many faces of Harley. Awesome!

FanExpo 2015 Loot! – a “splater” art piece from and artist by the name of Ginger. I absolutely had to have it the moment I saw it.

FanExpo 2015 Loot! -yet another piece by Ginger. I picked this one up for the husband. From what I can gather he adores it.

I purchased another piece of artwork that I will share after I give it to my nephew. It’s a belated birthday present for him. And I didn’t take a picture of the Cowboy Bebop bag simply because I am lazy at the moment.

Tah for now!

*greatest moments are not listed in order

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