Progress Report: Thyri (Supernatural) Sweater

Hello Lovelies,

Two weeks certainly flies by when you are knitting every day. As I mentioned in my previous post I am working on a sweater called Thyri.

The yarn:


[Note: Image snaked from MadTosh’s Etsy]

For this sweater I am using yarn that I purchased at MadTosh over the holidays with funds given to me by my mother as a gift. When I bought the yarn I joked with her that she gave me a deconstructed sweater for Christmas. (It really wasn’t a joke.)

It’s a beautiful teal with a hint of a black halo. I couldn’t even begin to dissect the process that came up with this colorway. It is called Mirth.  It is in the yarn base Tosh Vintage which is 100% superwash merino wool, and is considered a worsted weight yarn.

The Needles:

I am using a set of Signature Needles (convertible circulars) that were a gift from a friend. This is my first set. They have a stalk size of 4″ (which means the actual needle is 4″ long) the needle size is 3.5 mm (US 4)  and I am using a 32″ cable.  The pattern actually calls for a 4mm (US 6). While I do have the required size in a different needle brand I really wanted to work with the Signatures. Because of this I am not actually meeting gauge. I like the fabric created so on I go! We shall see if this bites me in the arse later on.

Thyri (supernatural) sweater progress

Here we have the end of the yoke. I have split the body from the arms and worked several body rounds.

Thyri (supernatural) sweater progress

After working enough body rounds I decided to work on the sleeves. I did this for several reasons – since I am not working with actual gauge I wanted to make sure that I have enough yarn for the arm length and according to the pattern I am one skein shy for the size I decided to make.  Can you tell why gauge is important? Unless you know how to adjust for your actual body shape on the fly, gauge is really really important. Do not do as I do.

Thyri (supernatural) sweater progress

I reached this point yesterday. I even slipped it on over my arm to see how I liked it. Lovely. However I realized that I made a minor mistake in my decrease rows. It really didn’t matter, the stitch counts are still the same. It was the placement. And while I may not care at the moment about gauge…I ripped back two days of work.

Aside from the minor mishap with stitch placement, I’ve gotten rather adept at knitting and watching the telly. Not very fast and the telly still distracts on occasion. I’ve been binge watching Supernatural and made it through 2.5 seasons with the yoke alone. Over the weekend I watched a movie or two to break things up. But the bulk of the knitting for this garment is taking place while watching Dean and Sam save the world repeatedly. I’m pretty sure that I will get through all 9 seasons available on Netflix before I am done. (I’m in early season 7 right now.)

Time for me to get back to it. I’ll keep you posted on the whole not paying attention to gauge thing works out for me.

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