Confessions from the Studio

Confession #1 :

I’ve been procrastinating, avoiding, and ignoring working on designs that have been in my head an on paper. Despite the fact that I am truly excited about every design.

Confession #2:

A lot of the yarn in my current stash has been earmarked for projects not of my own design for quite some time. (Numbered in years.) I haven’t been able to bring myself to actually make any of them.

Confession #3:

I’m using the knowledge that I am going to have a new and larger studio in the late summer or early fall as a crutch for not getting projects done now. Even though I know that it is an excuse. (The “It’s always greener/better on the other side of the fence.” idea.)

Confession #4:

Confessions #1 and #2 are causing me to feel stuck as a creative. The more I think about it the more I feel like a failure. And I know it’s all my doing.

These things have been on my mind for a few weeks now. And it’s getting to the point where emotionally I want to tear my hair out and scream at myself to get my act together. There were a few sleepless nights. Then I came up with a plan.

What am I going to do about it:

For the foreseeable future I am going to work on those earmarked projects to clear things out.  Most of them I picked because I either wanted to make the things for myself or I just thought it would be fun to do or learn something new.  I expect to find that some projects will no longer appeal to me and the earmarked yarn will return to the stash to be used for my own design work. Until I have actually made anything I won’t know.

Once the stash is cleared of earmarked projects I will focus on sussing out the right yarns for my own design work. Who knows? Maybe some of those earmarked projects will inspire me even more.

The First Project:

I may have mentioned the yarn I purchased over Christmas – 7 skeins of some wonderful  MadelineTosh Vintage in a colorway called Mirth. I decided to purchase the yarn after I saw the pattern Thyri. The yarn has been sitting in a bag on the floor of my studio for months. As of a few days ago I am now 2/3 done with the yoke of this sweater. Which by the way, this is the first adult sweater I am making. The only other sweater I have made to date is a baby sweater.

Here’s to getting back to why I started this crazy adventure!


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