That Time I Shaved My Head

Hello Darlings!

It’s been a while. I’d apologize and list off all the things going on, but really, that would just be surface excuses. And you don’t want to hear about that.

Instead, you want to know what I mean by shaving my head. Why would I do something like that when I am constantly changing things up with my hair? Well friends, it’s really simple. For charity.

At the beginning of this year I was talking with a friend about something random and she mentioned that she was going to shave her head in April. I asked why and she responded that it was for a charity to raise funds for kids with cancer.

Nice, right? Of course. We talked about it a few more times after that. In the meantime I was making plans on getting a short pixie cut. Then one afternoon came to the realization that if I am willing to get a short pixie cut, it’s not that far from simply shaving my head. Why not join my friend in her charity endeavor? After getting the relevant information, I went about finding out what I needed to do.

The Charity is called One Mission. They raise funds through what is known as a Buzz Off. People shave their heads bald as a way to “honor & support kids with cancer.”*  Just like a walk or a road race, Buzzee’s ask friends and family to sponsor their participation. The funds that are raised “help vital programs and services that are helping to alleviate the relentless wrath pediatric cancer unleashes every single day.” *

I officially signed up for the Buzz Off event at the end of March. While there is a big official event happening in Arlington on the 26th of April, I chose to Buzz on my own two weeks earlier on the 14th of April because I already had a pre-booked appointment with my stylist. I set my fundraising goal at $300 and began to post to Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.  I talked with a lot of people about shaving my head. I received a lot of questions, especially from those that know how much my identity is wrapped up in my hair. (If you didn’t know already, it’s a lot.)

April 14th arrived and I sat down in Callie’s chair. Three friends were with me for support. I handed my phone to one of them and they recorded the entire event. It took 26 minutes in total. I had my eyes closed for almost all of it and avoided the mirror until the very very end. Callie used a #1 clipper to remove all the hair then she went over it again with no guard. It’s a very odd feeling seeing yourself in the mirror with almost no hair.

On the 17th of April I joined the friend that I originally had the conversation with at a barbershop and had a straight razor go over our scalps. (She decided to get hers done early after having watched me.) I was asked why I decided to have it done, my response was, “The kids don’t get a choice in how much they loose.” (And yes, I know, they also loose their eyebrows and eyelashes…but this was about the hair on top of their heads.) You know how I mentioned that it was odd seeing yourself with almost no hair? Truly having no hair is even stranger.

I received a lot of messages from folks saying that I am brave for doing this. I’m am grateful for their support, but it’s not me that is brave – I have the privilege of knowing my hair will grow back – it’s the children that are brave by facing each and every day while fighting for their lives.

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It’s been several days now and I am surprised every time I catch my image in a reflection. I forget that I don’t have hair. I am still collecting donations and will continue to do so through the 26th of April when the big official event takes place. (As of this post I am $60 shy of my goal) You can donate through the website here.

Current Sponsors: Philip, Melanie, Catherine, Sarah, Kyle, Leslie, Heike, Ursula, Roxane. – THANK YOU!

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