Short Fiction – Untitled #1

The wind whistled coldly. A herald for the coming storm that lay heavy in the grey clouds above the canopy of bare branches. The trees had long lost their fiery autumn coat and stood mutely waiting for Spring to come round again. It was a bitter path to walk. Every step heavier than the last, she fought to keep her mind focused. Surely what she was looking for wasn’t much further. Her breathe came out in small white puffs as she made her slow way through the barren forest, the path in front of her barely visible as a track. Once, twice, she came close to stumbling, scraping her hands on the rough bark as she kept herself upright.

The sky darkened even further and the air felt like fire as she breathed. Snow fell. It barely brushed the ground before vanishing beneath the decaying leaves and brush, slowly though, it began to coat the ground in a velvety soft carpet. Still she continued on. Slowly, carefully. She was chilled to the bone, soaked through by the falling snow when she saw it. A light. Shining at first dimly, then brighter as she came closer. Its golden glow solid in its little housing despite the efforts of the snow. A welcome beacon for those traveling a weary road. Blue lips tugged upward into a smile as she passed the lantern. She was home.

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