And It's March…

I blinked. It’s March. Go, figure. Time perception is a funny thing. But I’ve rambled about that before haven’t I. So here’s a short run down of what’s been happening for the last month…

Knitting. Naturally. I participated in a craft swap on Elliquiy that is due to be sent out at the end of March so I technically can’t share the pictures yet, just in case the recipient stops by.

I did start knitting a mobius shawl  when the weather turned cold again. I’m using Como from Debbie Bliss. It’s a bulky single and really warm given that  it’s a cashmere/wool blend. I’m having fits with it because I don’t think the cables are turning out right, but there is an aspect to the pattern that may change the entire look and make right once it’s done. I have to wait and see.

My hair now looks very close to that of a ball of Norro yarn.

Technicolor hair February 2015
March 2015. Colorist: Dawn Clark Stylist: Callie Haynes

The color reacts strongly under black light. And I am totally loving it. This Friday I will hopefully get to play with it by having Callie doing a classic finger wave style for me. Just before I go out for dinner with Matt. Can you picture finger waves?

On other creative fronts I’ve been feeling the itch to write creatively again. If I can just settle on what to write I’d be great. I’ve got no shortage of inspiration going on over on Pinterest.

And of course there is the weather. It’s been down right horrid. Wet, icy and cold. Not my cup of tea. I’m waiting for the sun to finally show up.

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