Reflections on 2014

I’m six days in to the new year. My first day back in the studio for actual ‘work’ was yesterday; and I spent it knitting and working out the basics for a new pattern. It felt really good to get back to knitting after the 2014 holiday break. After finishing my last commission for 2014 in mid December I didn’t knit a single stitch for about two weeks.

Originally I had set out to publish more designs during 2014. But that quickly changed when I took on a commission early in the year to make a scarf. It wasn’t just a scarf, it was The Scarf. It is safe to say that I learned quite a bit from this project.

  • Double Knitting
  • Do Not Knit when tired or sick! (This was just reinforced really)
  • Charts are lovely things but for double knitting flat items it’s easier to follow number notations.
  • Double Knitting can be rather addictive once you get it down, hence my final commission of 2014 was a hat to go with the scarf….

There were other commissions during 2014 as well. There were fingerless gloves, shawls galore, and few barter projects.

Even though I didn’t work on designing patterns during 2014 I did study a lot of patterns and learned what I liked and didn’t like. Everything from the way the pattern is presented and written to the techniques used.

Loose Endings gained its first wholesale account with a wonderful yarn supplier during 2014 as well.

Knowing that the yarns I design with are widely available and not likely to be discontinued do to seasonality is really important to me. It’s what led me to inquire with Lorna’s Laces. A small independent yarn supplier based in Chicago. The first pair of crocheted fingerless gloves I ever made were created with Lorna’s Laces yarn and I’ve been a fan ever since.

During those times that I couldn’t knit or crochet, I spent some time dabbling with beads and such to make stitch markers. As a Fibre Artist one can never have too many stitch markers! My initial foray into polymer clay and beads was a fun experiment and it has inspired me to make a line of stitch markers during 2015.

The space that is the Loose Endings Studio has gone through several iterations during 2014. All of which just tell me that I need a bigger space. While I can’t remedy this immediately, I am thrilled to think of the possibilities by the end of 2015. (More on this in posts to come.)

Thank you for coming along on my adventures during 2014. Here’s to having a grand time during 2015!

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