Notes on The One Scarf

You may have seen the pictures over on Loose Endings facebook page of the recently completed commission I titled The One Scarf.

The one ring scarf 2014 commission

This commission began at the very beginning of 2014 when I was approached with the idea of making it. Actual knitting did not begin until a few months later when the yarn arrived from my supplier. The yarn used was from Lorna’s Laces. Shepherd Sock in China Blue and Louisville.  The China Blue is a nearly solid color while the Louisville has a slight variegated tonal aspect to it. The combination is rather striking.

This was a definite “Learn as you go.” commission. Starting with making the notations of the charts used for the pattern. I have over 30 pages of notes to help assist with the many color changes that occur in double knitting this scarf.

Over the course of 7 months I worked an estimated 200+ hours. Knitting, ripping back, re-knitting. It was a slow process until I became comfortable with the technique. It wasn’t until the latter half of the scarf that I was able to increase my knitting speed, and even then I had to pay very close attention – lest I make a mistake and have to rip three days of work out to fix a mistake. (Which I did…)

I listened to a number of podcasts during this project. It was the only thing I could do unless I wanted to work in total silence. Having a visual medium on in the background proved to be hazardous to my mental state after having to rip back just once. So, The Nerdist, Star Talk Radio, and Ted Talks kept me focused while not distracting me as I knit.

The self imposed deadline for this commission was November 1st. Which I was sprinting towards in the beginning of the last week of October. I admit, that the moment I finished casting off I did a small victory dance. I wanted to shout it across all platforms that I had finished it. I didn’t. I did share the news with those close to me as they had watched me go through this process, commiserating and becoming somewhat of a cheering section when progress was slow.

The scarf was delivered on the 30th of October. And from all accounts it was well received.

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