In The Studio

The last few months have been fairly busy. Mostly it’s been because of the One Ring Scarf commission, but I have managed to do small things in between.

First let me start with the Studio itself. I recently added a Chair-Bed to the studio which in my mind neccisitated a reorganizing of the studio.

The picture I’m sharing is prior to the addtion of the Chair-Bed (after the rearrangement) and as you can see, my assistants where keen to check the new arrangement out.

image by Cheryl Meizlish


The Knitting Chair has been moved closer to the window bookshelf space and the Chair-Bed is in front of the large bookcase. It’s quite amusing now as I will sit on the Chair-Bed and one assistant will sit on either side of me in their respective chairs as I work.

I also took an afternoon to work on an idea for some stitchmarkers using polymer clay. It was nice to do something that didn’t require the use of yarn or knitting needles/hooks for the day, yet it was still related to my craft. I love how they turned out and once the One Ring Scarf is done I am going to explore the possibilities of making and selling them via my Etsy Shop.

image via Cheryl Meizlish


I also did some barter work. I made some adorable baby mittens and a small carseat/stroller blanket for my Stylist, Callie, who wanted something for her little niece.

And I made another scarf, this time as an infinity, for Viviane. I didn’t manage to get a picture before handing it off to her though, sorry! The yarn was Alp Premiere, a yarn very similar to what was used in my gypsy shawl a while back. (Various yarns strung together.) It also happened to be in colors that were very reminiscent of the New Orleans Saints…not that Viviane watches much football. It just seemed really appropriate that she be the recipient of whatever the yarn would become. In exchange I received this amazing case.

image by Cheryl

When I first saw the case I told Viviane that she would likely have to hold onto it for me as I was surely going to buy it. No sooner had I mentioned this (via a facebook comment) I received a text from her asking about the possibility of a barter. And the rest is, as they say, history. (By the way, my iPad mini fits in it perfectly. And she has plenty of awesome pouches to chose from in her Etsy Shop! Go. Take a look.)

And of course I’ve made strides on the One Scarf. The last picture I took of it shows the first two sections of the quote. At that juncture it meant I had 3 out of 6 charts left. As of this post I have added another six inches to the scarf and have almost completed the 4th chart. It took me not working on it for two weeks to come up with what essentially is a plan of attack (re: schedule) that I felt comfortable with and wouldn’t drive me insane in the process of finishing.

This pretty much covers my entire Summer. Wow. I’m looking forward to the Fall.

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