Taking a Break and Getting Back

You might have noticed it’s been light on the yarnie goodness and project posts around the Loose Endings blog recently. Other than the One Scarf post a few weeks ago.

I’ve been working on the One Scarf for several months now. it’s a time consuming, at times tedius, but fun commission that I took on. It requires a lot of attention and I can do little else while working on it. During relatively short breaks (1 day here 1 day there) I took some time to finish other projects to give my hands a break.

Two weeks ago I had to put everything down and take a real break. This happened to coincide with a visit from a friend and a planned trip to New Orleans (back to back events) so the needles and hooks were put away for the duration.

While Matt and I hosted Kelsey over the long Labour Day weekend we explored/revisited the Perot museum, the Dallas Aquarium, and generally spent time reconnecting with someone we really don’t get to see enough of because…well Life happens. There was a lot of time spent with local friends and of course food. 

The day after Kelsey returned to Seattle I hopped on a plane to New Orleans to visit Viviane. Viviane is one of my oldest friends. We met in 7th grade when I moved to Norman, OK.  Before this trip I think the last time I saw her was a year and half, maybe two years ago. She moved to New Orleans a year ago to persue her goals.

I’ve never been to NOLA before so this was a double treat for me.  I spent three full days wandering the French Quarter and Garden District taking in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of a city that I had only read about in some of my favorite books. Viviane and Erick were lovely hosts. And it was awesome to spend so much time with them.

As is typical of any trip I take I naturally sussed out a yarn store to visit. Viviane actually had one picked out for us to visit – it was called the The Quarter Stitch and it was a lovely little shop that sold Noro, Malbrigio, Mango Moon, as well as some other lovely yarns. The yarn and notions bag I purchased were wrapped up in colorful tissue paper and bedecked with curly ribbon. By far one of the more unique ways of packaging yarn purchased in a shop that I have seen. 

We stumbled across a second yarn shop by complete accident. It was hidden above an antique shop we visited. It looked more like someone’s stash, and no one was attending the space – which made me think that it was part of the antique shop.

The third yarn shop we went to was the last stop just off of Magazine street as we were returning to the car. I happened to spot a sign that said Needlework Vault.  Viviane and I decided to check it out. A mixture of needle point and yarn the shop itself didn’t have a lot of inventory. We learned that they were still rebuilding their stock. But that didn’t stop us from spending more than half an hour in the shop. The propierters were absolutely wonderfully engaging. It was clear from the beginning that they loved what they did and loved sharing it. We talked about other things as well. I learned a lot about the different festivals, what Magazine street used to be like, and a whole host of other little things. If I lived in New Orleans, this shop would be my go-to LYS.

Taking an extended break from knitting and spending time in a city that I had never been to…seeing sights and absorbing a distinctly different culture than my own was a wonderful rejuvinating experience both personally and creatively. Precisely what I needed.

My phone is filled with pictures that I will share in another post that will go over the non-yarn related things I did in New Orleans. Right now it’s time for me to get back to work on the One Scarf.



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