Music Crush of the Moment : Flashback Edition

Count Three and Pray by Berlin

The year was 1986. The soundtrack to Top Gun played non-stop in my Walkman and boombox. I think I can safely say that this was the soundtrack that introduced me to thematic songs in movies – associating certain songs with scenes etc. Unlike say, the Footloose soundtrack two years prior, which made me notice music in movies period.

On the Top Gun soundtrack the song to listen to was Take My Breath Away by Berlin. It was a good song. I liked it well enough. Certainly enough to make me go look for other music by the band some years later. Which is how I came across Count Three and Pray.

Yes, the album features the song Take My Breath Away, but to me that’s actually a secondary feature.

This was one of the first albums I started making up stories with. Asking myself what does the song mean? If I took a closer look at the lyrics now, I’d probably cringe at my younger self. But honestly, as soon as I hear the opening chords to any of the songs on this album I start to smile. And yes, I can sing along with every song.


Will I Ever Understand You by Berlin

Mirror mirror tell me beware
Coldly revealing all the faces I wear
From a teasing smile for boys on the street
To a shifty glance for eyes looking too deep

Feel the light as it shines so bright
Will I ever understand you
Reach inside the truth is alive
Will I ever understand you

Always fighting to find out why
But it seems the answer fades into a white flag sky
Feel the light as it shines so bright
Will I ever understand you

Mirror Mirror tell me no lies
Never concealing the truth I deny
People as playthings, games with no rules
Queen takes King on a knight for a fool

Mirror Mirror I could turn away
From cracks on the glass and lines on my face
Seven years searching – Will this ever end
A second’s reflection I’m searching again
Will I ever understand you
Will I ever, never


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