Unexpected Christmas Gifts

Some of you might remember a post way back in November of last year where I polled the internets on what project pattern to use for the Absolutely Fabulous Throw from Colinette.

I began knitting on the throw in January of this year with the idea that it would go in my studio once it was done. It took me months and months and months to finish, not because I didn’t have time, but because I have a kitten that loves to roll around in and tries to eat mohair yarn – the primary yarn used in this throw.

So it’s no surprise that almost 12 months later I was just now getting to the end of the throw. I loved the colors, I was tired of the repeats. I wanted to be done. 38 rows from the end I realized I wasn’t going to keep the blanket. I was in fact going to give it to my sister as a Christmas present. I averaged about 4 – 8 rows a day in order to finish by the 20th. Immediately after binding off I measured out the fringe and attached it.  

As is typical for my cats, the moment I was done with the project they ignored it. The throw was on my knitting chair for two days before I boxed it up and they didn’t go near it.

My sister was in fact expecting something completely different from me as she had made a request on my last visit. That particular project is still on the needles as it were. (She’ll get it in the next month or so I think…)

So she was quite surprised when she opened the box. This time I reiterated the importance of not washing it in the washing machine or drying it (the unfortunate accident that happened with the previous blanket I made for her). As a matter of fact I should have just told her to ship it to me if she thinks it needs to be washed…hindsight.

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