Calling it a Wash

It seems that this year writing anything resembling a piece of fiction or otherwise for National Novel Writing Month is not in the cards for me. And surprisingly, after some serious thinking about it. I’m alright with that.

My creative endeavors have been focused more on what I can do with fibre; more so I suppose, due to my recent decision to change things up. I may not be able to write a single word on the screen for a story – but for a pattern? I’m all there.

I’ve spent more time curled up in my “craft chair” (with one of my cats) knitting or crocheting than I have in front of the computer.

In the past I’d be just about to wrap up writing that 50k word goal having sprinted through the last 10k with whirlwind word sprints.

Want to know a secret?

For the last few years I’ve reached/surpassed the word count goal and then promptly TRASHED each manuscript. I haven’t kept a single one. Yeah, I know that first drafts are just that, first drafts. I can lock my editor away for the month and write. I’ve proven that time and again.

And this is precisely why I am not upset about my lack of writing for this year. I no longer feel like I have to prove to myself that I can write when I put my mind to it. And I certainly can’t force a story where there was none to begin with. (I simply don’t operate like that.)

So I’m going to cheer on those that are working on meeting that 50k word goal, and later post some of (if not all) of the pep-talks that have been sent my way because I like sharing them. Then I am going to get back to working with fibre until I feel the need to start writing again.



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