My Sister’s Family Pt. 5 – Update

This past weekend was the OU/Texas game. Matt & I found ourselves in Norman during this event which gave me a chance to catch up with my sister’s family.

If you’ve followed some updates on Facebook you might have seen some of this already.

Despite all the delays in starting the remodeling of the house, it appears that they will be able to move back in before October 31st. They are in the midst of having to replace some key furniture pieces to accommodate Eh. (Things like couches/recliners and a dinner table.)

As for Eh himself, he is in good spirits. He is gaining more mobility. During rehab he’s managed to take a number steps and now has the ability to move short distances with the assistance of a walker. (He is looking forward to moving back home as this is accomplished easiest on smooth surfaces and not on carpet.) He explained to Matt that it was an odd feeling as he can’t actually feel his legs. There is some deep muscle pressure but beyond that it takes a lot concentration.

Even though all the swelling had gone down, and the graft on his back is healing well, Eh said that it will be close to two years (18-24 months) before the doctors will know how much range of motion he will actually have.

In the near future he is going to have surgery on his right hand – it has become swollen for reasons I am not sure of and did not learn about during this visit. He is not particularly looking forward to this.

As for the kids – both my niece and nephew are doing very well in school at the moment. Jean told me about an award my nephew won a few weeks ago at school while we sat at Starbucks (I had promised the last time I was visiting that I would treat my niece as I didn’t get a chance to see her.) My niece discussed the differences of our Biology class experiences with us as compared to what she is currently taking. She was amazed at what she heard. Side note – I totally loved it when Matt explained to Izzy how 2+2 could in fact equal 5 given certain conditions at one point during our conversations.

I intended to get a picture of everyone to share for this update, but never managed to take one.


Several weeks ago Eh started a gofundme donation page to help assist with defraying rising costs. I know a lot of folks have already reached out, and my entire family is very thankful for this, but there is still a need. Even if it’s just $5 every bit helps. (If you don’t feel comfortable donating on gofundme you can always donate through the paypal donate link in the side bar of this post- it will be active until the end of the year.)

P.S. If you are wondering why I am still taking donations – this is when they need the most help.

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