Pulling Threads

Pulling Threads

Issue No. 8,   September 03, 2013

Welcome to the eighth issue of Pulling Threads, the official newsletter of Picklesnot Design. Pulling Threads is a monthly publication intended to be a comprehensive look at what is going on with PsD.

Breaking the Silence (A Peek behind the Curtain)

Okay, I have a confession to make. Shortly after the last Pulling Threads was published things went topsy turvey in so many ways that I simply stopped. I took a step back and had to do some serious re-evaluating of things. I felt spread thin in so many ways that I had to take time away.

My tenure at the Woolie Ewe ended some months later in March of this year. I am forever grateful for having the opportunity to work with such lovely people and meet so many enthusiastic knitters and crocheters.

I started working on a crochet design in April and in July I finally wrote about it. The entire process for this particular pattern made me realize just how much I enjoy designing patterns; and how difficult it can be.

For the last year or so,  no matter what I did with Picklesnot Design – I often felt like a fraud when I talked about my studio as a business. In part because I think I was using a definition of success that belonged to someone else. I forgot along the way that I started PsD so I could indulge in my desire to play with fibre.

I labored under the impression that if I didn’t make a lot of money immediately I was a failure on a personal and creative level. It wasn’t until recently with the indirect help from an unlikely source* that I realized that this was not the case.  My definition of success has changed and that alone changes everything.

This is dangerously reaching maudlin levels, so let’s get on to  “the good stuff” shall we?

Update: Up-Town Down-Town Wrap

I published the crochet pattern for the Up-Town Down-Town Wrap towards the end of May. During the months of June and July all the proceeds from the sale of this pattern went to a Donation Fund for my sister’s family, who were victims of the Tornado that tore through Moore, Ok in May of this year.

According to my records this generated $40.

Until the end of 2013, all sales from this pattern will continue to go to the donation fund in order to help them make the necessary changes to return to a new “normal”.

Buy the Up-Town Down-Town Crochet Pattern for $5.50


There are a lot of good causes out there to donate time to. Be it chemo caps, blankets for Premies, or any number of others. Sometimes it can be overwhelming simply looking at a list. Deciding where to start can be hard. Causes are passionate things.

After much thought I decided to start small. On October 6th, along with several others, will be teaching the basics of knitting and crochet to folks that want to make hats and scarves for the homeless in the Dallas/Fort Worth area but don’t know how.

Pattern News

What happened to the designs I mentioned in the last issue

The two designs I mentioned – Briar Rose and the children spats have been retired for the moment. Unfortunately the test knitting never actually occurred for Briar Rose and I, uh, sort of lost the notes on the spats.

For those of you that knit or crochet – they’ve been put into hibernation.


Inspiration can come from the strangest things : A FB update linking to a blog post letting folks know you are expecting. Yup. This is where my most current “design in the works” came from. Kathleen is an amazing person. We aren’t really all that close, however, I’ve known her for a very long time. (Her journey over the last 3-ish years has been amazing to follow.)

Image courtesy Cheryl MeizlishThe decision to design a blanket came from the fact that I didn’t want to give Kathleen something “ordinary.” I had intended the blanket to be a surprise, however I realized I didn’t have her address to send the resulting project.  When you ask someone for their address, it kind of necessitates that you inform them why you require it.

This also gave me an opportunity to ask questions all of which primarily centered around color and ideas she had for the nursery enabling me to tailor it to her desires.

After more math than I care to admit too, I have the basic elements worked out and have started knitting. I’m approximately 36% done as of this post.

A Circle of Fire : A Square Shawl

Image courtesy of Cheryl MeizlishI wanted to design a square shawl using Premier by Feza Yarns but quickly found that I didn’t have enough yardage. (This just means the yarn will become something else later.)

While I search for the right yarn to work with, I am pushing forward with the design by testing out the different elements on paper as well as on the needles.

What this means is that I am doing a lot of math which amuses me to no end.

How does the name relate to the design? If, and that’s a big if, the pattern translates the way I think it will from my head to the paper and then to the yarn it should look similar to flames. The circle will become apparent because I intend to use a gradient yarn.

Ready Made

The Etsy shop has been on vacation for the better part of the year and will continue to be on vacation for a little while longer. There will be a Sample Sale soon. These will be pieces that I have knit/crocheted over the last year. The pieces offered may or may not be of my own design. I’ll write more about this in the future.

That’s It For This Issue

Until next month!

*the unlikely source was Kathleen, she’s been doing amazing things with Braid Creative

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