My Sister’s Family Pt. 3 – Updates

Another update. Not so many pictures this time…

This week Eh had the first of several surgeries to close the gaping hole in his back. He weathered the event well, and was informed that he will likely not need skin grafts if he continues to heal well. (A bit of good news that!)

The rehab for his legs was brought to a halt. The strain caused the fractured shoulder to break. Now both shoulders are broken and he has been restricted on the use of his arms in order to facilitate the healing process.

News regarding his spine: Things are looking better but not as rosy as initially predicted…

Swelling around the spine has receded enough for the x-rays to clearly show an injury to the spinal chord. The bone chip is no longer a concern (originally thought to be the T-7 but is actually the T-8) as it looks as if it is being reabsorbed/fused -whatever the correct terminology is.

What this means:  It means that Jean and EH need more help. It is likely that EH will need the aide of a wheel chair a good amount of time even if he regains mobility of his legs. To that end there are a host of things that need to be taken care of BEFORE Eh can go home. (It is now estimated that he will stay at Jim Thorpe Rehab Center for at least 6-8 weeks before continuing in an out-patient capacity according to my sister.)

Before he can go home, their house will essentially be ripped apart and made wheel-chair accessible. EH’s injury is such that he has a 30° angle to contend with. Jean is a bit overwhelmed by all the changes being made and Eh isn’t so thrilled about it either. As Jean puts it, “Talking about making these changes and actually doing them is completely different. It makes it seem that much more permanent.”

The process of remodeling the house is estimated to take 6 weeks and is scheduled to begin on July 4th. During this time Jean and the kids can not stay at the house. As far as I understand things – the cost of the remodeling is being handled (I do not know the exact details) however the cost of having to stay elsewhere is not.

The matter of transportation is also being addressed. Having had to return the car that was loaned to her for a month, Jean now has a rental car until she can sort out the claim with her insurance company in order to purchase a vehicle that meets Eh’s needs.

If you have been following the progress of my sister’s family wondering how you could possibly help – please consider making a donation to help defray the costs. If you’ve already made a donation I can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

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