My Sister’s Family Pt. 2 – Updates

As I promised in my first post I would keep everyone updated regarding EH’s recovery. This post is is going to document everything from the beginning using images as well as words. All images are provided by my sister and I am presenting them as I received them. If you happen to follow me on facebook you will recognize a lot of the later images.


So let’s begin:

In the aftermath of the Tornado EH was brought to Norman Regional…

Image courtesy of Jean Pittman

He was placed in ICU immediately. And the lengthy process of discerning his injuries began.

Image courtesy of Jean Pittman

It wasn’t pretty… Immediately they found:

  • Multiple contusions and lacerations
  • Collapsed lungs

Once they managed to take scans they found:

  • Chipped T-7, the broken piece residing elsewhere
  • One shoulder was cracked with multiple fractures, the other shoulder completely broken.

Image courtesy of Jean Pittman

There was immediate concern regarding a rather large wound on his back.

Over the course of several days they preformed 3 operations to remove debris and clean this wound up. A wound-vac was then attached to continue the process.

Other wounds were also cleaned and stitched up.

EH spent 2.5 weeks in ICU under the care of some excellent nurses and doctors. (Though he doesn’t really remember much of anything during that time.)

During his time in ICU he was visited by a lot of folks including –

Image courtesy of Jean Pittman

Shortly after leaving ICU they managed to get EH into a chair…

Image courtesy of Jean Pittman According to all reports he was very pleased to be out of the bed – even for a short time.

And then they put him in a wheel chair…

(Video on Facebook)

EH was then moved to Oklahoma City – to the Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Center.

His back still has the gaping hole, but other wounds have been healing up fairly well.

Image courtesy of Jean Pittman

Jean has been staying with EH for the most part. Leaving only to take care of a few things here and there.

She shared pictures of the remains of her car. ( A car which she has only had for little over a year…)




IMG_2412[1] IMG_2413[1] IMG_2414[1] IMG_2415[1]I have never doubted the strength of a tornado.


It’s still  quite mind boggling to see  metal twisted like this…







Shortly after EH transferred to Jim Thorpe I finally managed to travel to Norman and help my sister out. I picked up my niece and nephew who just finished spending three weeks with Omi. Now they get to spend the week with me.

Thank you to everyone that has made a donation so far. It’s greatly appreciated!



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