My Sister’s Family

Meet the Pittman Family

As many of my readers (and friends) know, I have a younger sibling that lives in Oklahoma. Her name is Jean.

She lives in the house that we grew up in (my teenage years) with her two children and husband. When you live in Oklahoma you quickly become familiar with that Late Spring / Early Summer time known as Tornado Season.

Yes, most Oklahoman’s may seem blase about Tornadoes – what with constant storm chasing and the sitting outside to watch the sky. But trust me, we take those storms very seriously.

When the F5 Tornado ripped through Moore on May 20th 2013, I was saddened by the destruction but felt safe knowing that my sister and her family were safe (out of the path) in Norman. Then I received a frantic phone call from my mom.

“EH was in the Tornado. Jean is going to the Hospital.”

“He was what?” I actually asked.

“EH was hit by the Tornado. He was at work…”

Needless to say, I practically bolted down to the living-room in a panic to tell Matt. After calming myself and to an extent my mother it took several hours to get any real news.

EH works for 7-11. His store was located on Telephone Rd in Moore. The Tornado ripped through the store where he and several co-workers were working.

EH was pulled from the rubble. Alive.

EH being pulled from the wreckage - image provided by first responder
EH being pulled from the wreckage – image provided by first responder

That was the only information I had for hours. Until the next day.

During the course of the storm EH and his co-workers attempted to keep themselves and the few customers trapped there with them safe. I personally do not know what happened to EH’s co-workers. EH sustained serious trauma from being flung about. His T7 vertebra cracked, (a bone fragment is floating near his spinal-chord)  his shoulder blades were broken, all of his organs where battered, and he received a puncture wound in his back roughly the size of a softball. Not to mention the abrasions and contusions.

The surrounding communities (and those around the country) have rallied to give their aid to the victims of the May 20th Tornado. And this is wonderful.

I’ve been asked by several friends and acquaintances what they can do to help.  What does my sister’s family need?

To be honest – what they need most is money.

They have enough to worry about with EH’s recovery (estimated by the doctors to take about a year) without having to worry about how to pay the bills as they start rolling in. And they will roll in. Workman’s Comp only covers expenses for so far. With their income severely reduced it’s going to be rough keeping things in balance.

An account has been set up for EH at local bank in Norman to take donations locally, and I have set up a donation fund through Paypal*. This donation drive is specifically meant to help my sister and her family in the long term.

Please, if you’ve asked me in the last week if there is anything you can do, please consider making a donation. If you’ve just come across this post searching for a way to help out, please consider donating.  Every little bit helps.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at kiwifirefly[at]gmail[dot]com

I will be posting regular updates on EH’s progress/recovery.

Thank you.



Update 2. 

Update 3.

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