The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

The God Delusion image via goodreadsWhere I got it: The Kindle Store

Why I read it: It was recommend to me by a friend almost two years ago.


Religion. It is by far one of the most divisive topics I know of.  No matter if you believe in God/s or not.

The God Delusion was recommended to me by a friend after one of many conversations in which Religion was discussed at length – so that I might gain an understanding of other viewpoints.

And I have to say this was a most enlightening book to read. Not only for the information it imparted – also in the way others reacted to my simply reading it.

It’s really hard to explain what the God Delusion is about. Dawkins lays out a series of well reasoned arguments that shed light on how irrational belief in God can be.

I am not ashamed to admit that I had to look up several terms Dawkins used.  It has been some time since my singular Logic class in college. The language he uses is what I would call ‘flowery’ yet still accessible and easily understood. Every few chapters I would stop and think about what I’d read. Occasionally I would even discuss it with others to gauge if I interpreted what I read correctly.

Within his arguments Dawkins gives the reader a wealth of references some of which I will likely search out and read.

The God Delusion is a fascinating read. The last two chapters were particularly interesting. Here Dawkins discussed morality among other things. I was utterly gob-smacked. Perhaps even more so due to the sudden and rather public comments made in reaction to learning I was reading The God Delusion – which in reality had absolutely nothing to do with me…

I would recommend The God Delusion to anyone who is remotely interested in understanding differing viewpoints. It’s certainly not a catch-all, but it is a good starting place.


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