Out of Time by Monique Martin

Out of Time (Out of Time, #1)Out of Time by Monique Martin

I am loath to admit that I picked this book up late 2011 and that it took me well over a year before I read it. I picked Out of Time by Monique Martin up as a Kindle Freebie and it was promptly “buried” under a slew of other books.

I won’t lie, I had never heard of Monique Martin before and was a little hesitant to give Out of Time a shot when I realized it was an Indie Release. (The last few Indies that I’ve read had me perilously close to wielding a red pen and wondering what happened to editing profession.)

According to the synopsis though, Monique was combining some of my favorite elements of fiction – time travel & the paranormal; so after I finished reading a rather thick non-fiction tome I decided to give Out of Time a read. I’m glad I did.

From the very first page I was taken in by Monique’s prose. It was eloquent and flowed effortlessly across the page (or screen if you will.) It was rather refreshing and throughout the book I kept pausing in wonder.

We are introduced to Simon Cross and Elizabeth West who are from the onset very much opposites and very much attracted to each other. It was lovely to watch their relationship unfold and blossom. Monique may have written the sweetest and most endearing love scene I have read to date.

At it’s heart, Out of Time is a romance. Pure and simple. The fact that they travel back in time is secondary, and any paranormal aspect is tertiary.

It was a little surprising at how quickly our time-travelers adapted, but not so much so that it was jarring. Truly, what can one do when one is cast back in time and must wait for 6 weeks for the possibility of getting back to the proper time?

The paranormal aspect of the novel could have been completely left out and Out of Time would still have been a good read. There were of course hints of it, but it was for the most part overshadowed. The “bad guy” King, happens to be a vampire as well as a gangster. I wondered why this aspect was even put into the book when I realized it was a likely tie in to Simon’s Occult Studies. However, emphasis on this aspect came rather late in the novel and it was hard muster the care – King was a “bad guy” even without being paranormal.

Overall, Out of Time is a wonderful romance set against a 1920s backdrop. It is an enjoyable read.

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