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A Note Or Two

Beware: This post is not intended to be inflammatory.  I am simply stating my opinion. You have the right to disagree, I only ask that if you must post a comment that you think before posting and that you can be respectful.

Eqaulity 1. I whole-heartedly support equal marriage for everyone.

2. My support of marriage equality is not founded on a religious or faith based notion.

3. My support of marriage equality is based on one simple idea. EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE HAPPY.

4. Just as the color of a persons skin no longer has a bearing on if one can get married, so to should ones orientation no longer be a hindrance.

5. A gay/lesbian marriage is at its core no different than a straight marriage. They have the same highs and lows and deal with the same relationship issues. Legally they should have the same rights and protections.




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