Finished Project : Readers Scarf/Shawl

Apparently I am on a finishing roll this week. More to the point, I am down to one single project left over from 2012.

I present the Reader Scarf/Shawl. A good bit of time ago I was originally testing this pattern out for the designer as it was slated to be for a beginning knit class. Unfortunately I ran out of my chosen yarn and had to wait for more to come in to my LYS. Due to some set backs, the yarn didn’t arrive until a few weeks ago.

The class is already being taught and has been very successful as far as I have been able to gather from folks that are taking/ have taken the class. Even though I didn’t manage to finish the test knit before the first class I did contribute to the editing of the pattern. (The yardage was increased.)

I rather enjoyed knitting this. This was my first foray into pockets and I really liked the refresher (and reminder) that cables really aren’t that hard. Given the basic construction, I might even come up with my own version of it one day as it seems a popular thing to knit currently.

Some notes:

I used 7 balls Milie Colori by Lang and hit exact gauge needed with a size 8 needle.

I love love love the color. AND I am pretty certain because I chose this color I will actually be able to keep this.

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