New Addition

Almost two weeks ago now, Matt and I finally made good on a decision we made two years ago. We adopted a second Cat.

We went to the same charity that we adopted Henry from – The Frisco Humane Society.

In order to make the addition of a second cat easier we opted to adopt a kitten. When we arrived at the adoption location we found two immediate candidates. Both were of the right kitten age we were looking for. One was a Blue Russian and the other a Dilute Calico/Tortie.

The rambunctiousness of the Blue Russian caught my attention immediately. She was a sweetheart full of vim and vigor. It seemed a forgone conclusion that the little grey girl would be the one to come home with us (Matt has often said he loves   Russian Blues) but it became clear that this was not to be the case when Matt kept looking at the second kitten.

The Calico/Tortie was timid and obviously scarred of her surroundings.  She didn’t make a sound the entire time Matt and I discussed things. The decision to take the Calico/Tortie home with us was made after a single statement from Matt – “If we don’t adopt her, I’ll always wonder what happened to her and how she is doing.”

She had us. Hook, line, and sad eyes.

The truth was we knew that the Russian Blue kitten would have no issues finding a good home; especially after we met her Foster an hour or so later while filling out paperwork.

The tiny calico/tortie, according to her paperwork, was found half starved and sickly in a barn. The FHS estimated that she was born August 15th. She barely weighs 2 lbs…

It took three hours from decision to putting her in her carrier to take her home. It took three days for Henry and the Kitten to bond. By the end of last week they were romping about and cleaning each others faces. (And sleeping on the bed!!!)

The only drawback right now is that we have to keep Henry away from the food for the kitten. Which means I get woken up at 4 in the morning by the kitten because she is hungry…

Without further ado  – Meet Harlequin aka Harley.

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