The Last WIPs of 2012

According to my Ravlery Project Log I worked on 16 projects over the course of 2012.

{Note: the following links lead to their respective project pages on Ravelry}

I frogged one project completely with no intentions of going back to it.[Wingspan Shawl] Yet another project was frogged and yarn re-purposed for a different project. [Butterfly Shawl/Gypsy Shawl]

Technically speaking I made one project* twice. [Thistle Shrug #1/ Thistle Shrug #2]

Three of my projects this year were samples for the shop – [Bangles, Twisted Stitch Cowl, Casablanca Hat]

I made one birthday gift this year. [Kink’s the Thing]

Three projects were pattern designs* or commissions. [Briar Rose, Anika’s Owl Spats]

I started a project that will take forever to finish [Beekeeper’s Quilt]

One project was a test knit. [Reader Shawl]

I dubbed one project my traveling project [Les Miserables]

And last but not least, there was a shawl project and a Christmas project. [Lizzie Shawl, Elf Hat Gone Awry]


Aside from the Beekeeper’s Quilt, at the end of 2012 there were three projects that I hadn’t finished.

  1. In the pink Lantern Moon project bag – Les Miserables. I have roughly 3 or 4 more repeats to do before I can even consider this project even close to done.
  2. In the polkadot DellaQ project bag – Lizzie Shawl. While the body of this shawl worked up quickly, the lace edging is killing me. I have over 300 stitches to work with and I have to sit in complete silence and recite the pattern rows as I work them.
  3. In the Ravelry project bag – Reader Shawl. This project started as a test knit. I ran out of yarn before the end. I am still waiting on more yarn to come in so I can finish the last section of it.

One of my goals for January this year is to finish these projects. (I realize the Reader Shawl is dependent on the acquisition of yarn.)

Given this goal, I naturally already cast on a new project for 2013…

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