Holiday Haul

2012 is almost over. The Holiday Season is coming to a close. And most of us are hoping to be able to slow down as we slide into a new year.

I didn’t put a tree up this year. I had very little holiday “spirit”. It might have had something to do with the fact that I worked on a Black Friday for the first time and was inundated with Holiday music too soon for my liking. It could have been the fact that my body revolted and I’ve been focused on fighting off the pain.

The closest I came to having any “spirit” at all was this:

Elf Hat Gone Awry

A “Squared Off” slouch beanie (that I am writing a pattern for) in candy cane colors.      The yarn [Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock in colorway: Glory Red] was a de-stash gift from a year or so ago and had been quietly waiting for me to use it in some way. And even though this was simply a test run for an idea I had for a pattern I decided to add bells to it and turn it into a what I now call my Elf Hat Gone Awry.

The hat became my last finished project for 2012. (I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to finish my traveling project as intended.)

Even though I lacked that spark of Holiday Cheer, I did enjoy spending time with friends and family. We even had snow on Christmas Day here in Dallas.

As is usual, there were gifts given and received. It was a little harder to shop this year – I simply didn’t have a lot of energy. I knew exactly what gifts to get for some and for others not so much.

Apparently just about everyone decided what I needed this year was an influx of Owls. This might have stemmed from my previous post about Mr. Owl. Everything from a microwaveable snuggle buddy to jewelry was owl themed. It made me smile. I think now I have at least one owl in almost every room in the house. (A tradition recently learned about from a dear friend’s parents.)

One of the more unique gifts I received this year is a giant cupcake pan. Upon seeing it Matt responded that I must make a cinnamon struessel cupcake. I think this will be something to do for New Years Eve.

How has your Holiday Season been so far?

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